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You’re an Idiot. The little guys are getting nothing, under the current system. You know, the little coffee shop down the street with the great service and delicious Latte’s? They are getting crushed by Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. The little guy has nearly no chance because of how the wealth is being distributed. The same thing is happening here. The top artists get all the money you are spending on Spotify even if YOU personally don’t listen to them. It is a complete tragedy one I’m not surprised by but a travesty none the less. If the new indie bands and small businesses don’t have the opportunity to make any money then what is the so called “American dream.” How can authors, artists, musicians, or entrepreneurs contribute their talent to the world, when they may as well be a speck of sand on an ocean resort! Please do me a favor, and drop the “golden rule,” BS instead think about what’s actually happening here.

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