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Jul 11 · 2 min read

Journey to the Center of JavaScript. A 311 story.

I found a few suggestions on organizing during my travels of the inter web, heres some ideas i liked.

by Component

Organization by component minimizes complexity by emphasizing external and internal cohesion of code units, e.g. packages. The former means that the package has a minimal interface which exposes only concepts which are strongly related to the service the component provides.

by Toolbox

Organization by toolbox focuses on external cohesion, providing a consistent toolbox which the consumer can chose from. This strategy is weaker than organizing by component as it drops the requirement for strong internal cohesion, e.g. that the constituents are all strongly interrelated. The parts of a toolbox are often complementary implementations of the same interface(s) which can be usefully chosen from or combined, rather than sharing a lot in the way of implementation.

by Layer

Organization by layer favors workflow cohesion instead of trying to control complexity by minimizing cross-unit coupling. The code is split along layer boundaries defined by issues such as deployment scenarios or areas of contributor responsibility. This strategy is different from organization by toolbox in that layers don’t present a single, minimal, and coherent interface to the other layers but instead a wide interface with many constituents which are accessed piecemeal by the corresponding constituents of the consuming layer.

Like tools in a tool box its up to you to choose the right “tool” to organize with

When building a page i like to get a wire frame going to have a reference point on what i want to build. After i have the idea mapped out i move onto making all the files i will need and linking them up. Next i like to have a dom to play with, the logic for the app will get built and finally the styles are the cherry on top.

  1. You can’t work out how to solve a coding problem, where do you find the answer? Why? How do you know?

When i have problems with coding i turn to the google, there is rarely a straightforward answer that matches my problems exactly so some trial and error usually takes place as I try to work in solutions from web docs, stack overflow W3, or tips4devs. you know you found the solution when your function does what its supposed to.

I solve a problems and I don’t use coding to do it. usually electrical stuff.

  1. I like vs studio because its got cool color schemes and easy to use UI

I listen to tech podcast and read articles about the what is new and find seminars on youtube. everyday theres something new or different it can hard to keep up with it all. Block-Chain, Machine Learning, Fusion, are a few topics I keep an eye on

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