What Women Don’t Say

I normally don’t comment on articles, but I’m afraid there will be people who read this and think that this kind of interaction between husband and wife is “normal”. I’ve been in a terrible marriage and now I’ve been in a great one for almost a decade. I don’t identify with the woman in this story in any way. It wasn’t reflective of my inner thoughts in either my good or my bad marriage. I don’t mean to diminish the writing itself, as it was very creative. But the man sounds like an abusive alcoholic and the woman sounds like an insecure enabler. I mean, she seems to subjugate every ambition, thought, and emotion to make things easier for her jerk of a husband. She seems to have no career aspirations of her own other than hoping her boss will stop hitting on her. On top of that, she won’t stop worrying about looks. Her thoughts about losing a few pounds and getting a facial are embarrassing to me. I certainly hope that if anyone regularly experiences this kind of interaction with their spouse, that they realize that they are in a very toxic relationship.

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