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8 ways to tell you how to extend the life of silver jewellery

People always lack of common sense about silver jewelry. In fact, Star Harvest Jewelry tell you with a little attention and avoid these problems, you can solve many problems.

Method to prolong service life of 925 silver jewelry wholesale:
1. It can be soaked in ammonia, baking soda or toothpaste, then with water, wipe, which can restore luster;
2. If you want to give your new silver jewelry more glossy, good-looking. To avoid discoloration, you can be in a thin layer of transparent Nail Polish, coating them, and then once every ten days. If you want to get rid of Nail Polish, you can use lacquer thinner soaked and water used clean then;
3. Lack of antioxidant properties of silver jewelry, Black oxide. You can go to a jeweler to clean polished. (To minimize the use of such methods, for silver strip corrosion of silver glitter. Responses can make the silver and shiny, but guidelines like Apple is tangential to the outermost layer of the same);
4. If oxidation is not serious to make toothpaste and kneading dough Jewelry Silver polishing in the marketplace, silver is easy to polish, but only to a certain degree of hardness and polished silver. Of course, if the necklace is soft or hollow carved jewelry, it is best to use jewelry cleaning liquid immersion;
5. You should avoid hair spray from silver jewellery, perfume, skin care products together, because this would lead to lower gloss;
6. In the shower while washing the clothes, do not wear jewelry, because they contain chlor-alkali products;
7. The discoloration caused by prolonged exposure. When you exercise, do manual work, you should try to avoid wearing jewellery or cause jewelry lost impact deformation or fracture;
8. Many pieces of jewelry together should be avoided, because it is different from the later should use a separate compartment to prevent friction and scratches texture; some medications can make the silver reacts to make jewelry gone bad, just be extra careful about contact with drugs;

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