Fashion About Amethyst Jewelry Wholesale

Nowadays, the streets belong to the most common non-Crystal jewelry, whether simple beads, there is a sense of design or eye-catching earrings pendants, Amethyst jewelry wholesale from our lives are getting closer. People wear Crystal jewelry, other than appearance, still have a hope, crystals of different colors have different energy fields, in the face of hope, you really picked the right your Crystal energy?

Amethyst Silver Jewelry Wholesale

Amethyst is the most noble part of the beautiful crystal family, Amethyst represents purity, harmony, with calming the nerves, strengthen memory, reduce the effect of bad temper. Amethyst on behalf of noble and faithful love, often as a couple love stone. Ancients believes it has the magical ability to ward off evil spirits, protection, happiness and longevity, and able to neutralize and prevent injuries, such as amulets.