How to Care for a Silver Chunky Ring

A wholesale chunky silver ring in your precious metal or costume jewellery collection is a fashion statement. Chunky rings are fun to wear and look good for both day and evening wear; however, like all jewellery pieces, they needed regular cleaning and care. It only takes a few minutes to keep your chunky silver ring and chunky necklaces clean and looking great.

When to Clean Your Jewellery

You should clean all of your jewellery often, and especially after use. Silver jewellery can tarnish easily unless you wear it often, so it needs proper cleaning more often. Dirt and debris can attach to the prongs or inside of wholesale chunky sterling silver rings. All rings, including vintage rings, benefit from a quick run under warm water and you can buff them to a warm hue and shine. However, when it is time to clean your silver jewellery, using one of the tried and true methods is the best option.

Washing and Buffing Your Ring

Wash your solid silver chunky ring in warm, not hot, water using a phosphate-free detergent. It is a good idea to line the sink with a tea towel to prevent damage to the ring. Wash your jewellery separately, not with other pieces or silver serving pieces. Utensils and other objects could damage your jewellery. In addition, avoid placing your silver or sterling silver against stainless steel, as doing so can damage the finish. Do not wear rubber gloves when washing, as they can also damage silver. Use a soft cloth to clean your jewellery and then dry it with a soft towel. Use a buff cloth to bring the ring to a high sheen.

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Polishing Silver Chunky Rings

Select any good silver polish and a soft silver polishing cloth and using a small bit of polish, rub the silver ring gently. Rub in straight lines in a back and forth motion. Avoid circles. Rub gently and try not to scrub. Rinse your ladies’ chunky ring under warm running water. Dry gently and completely with a soft, clean cloth.

Storing Your Wholesale Silver Chunky Ring

Silver jewellery tends to tarnish, especially when exposed to a number of factors like moisture, salt, body oils, or other metals. This turns your beautiful ring from shinning silver to black. Contact with other materials, such as wool, newsprint, and rubber, including latex gloves, tarnishes silver quickly. Your silver ring should always be the last thing you put on after you have dressed and applied cosmetics, hairspray, lotion, perfume, or sunscreen. At the end of the day, remove your jewellery first and store it in a lined jewellery box or a plastic locking bag. Be sure not to wear silver in the shower, swimming pool, or hot tub. Avoid using regular bath soap to clean it, as soap residue can dull the lustre. Chemicals on wooden furniture can also tarnish silver.