Jewelry in the Room

Reading Room

Woman who likes to read the classics in the study less, they wrote in the study time than reading time 10 times. Study gives off a rich, wearing proper jewelry, quietly reading a book, not for jewelry display in front of people and let vanity, to savor every jewel full of stories and history, profound atmosphere mingled with scholars, writing letters, just as if you had written your dreams.
A woman who wears a gem study reading, fame, love fantasy, their dreams are colorful.


Sofa function next to bed rest, lying on the sofa, women, or enjoy your own jewelry or to play with. Then of jewels in the Palm of a woman more shine. If upset, just don’t do anything, lie on the couch and enjoy your gems, suddenly quiet and distraught; if you do nothing, and just sit around making friends with your jewelry, sound sleep it.
Play jewelry woman nature lazy on the sofa, but different of the aesthetic