Location Marketing

The mehendi (okay, fine, henna) type background behind the orange color is a masterful touch. Even the logo screams India!

It’s ironic that I’m choosing BuzzFeed India as my local brand, but when I examined my daily movements, it’s what made the most sense to me. BuzzFeed India is an offshoot of www.buzzfeed.com, a site which has multiple regional offshoots that are similar, such as BuzzFeed UK, BuzzFeed Australia, etc.

The very philosophy of BuzzFeed India and all of BuzzFeeds’s local offshoots is simple, and it works. Market to people with an ethnic (and more importantly, emotional) connection to the place. BuzzFeed India reposts BuzzFeed posts from other ‘departments’ but its main content is strictly to do with India. BuzzFeed India’s offices are in Mumbai, and we are treated to current and relevant photographs and news from around India. Bollywood celebrities are interviewed in a way that’s different from the traditionally predatory manner of the Indian tabloid press. In fact, the BuzzFeed school of ‘non-douchy’ entertainment journalism is really refreshing to read, and I would imagine really refreshing to experience. I realize that this is not a commercial brand, or a brand that sells a specific product. However, it doesn’t mean BuzzFeed India isn’t a candidate for a brand that utilizes local marketing.

Their target customers: Primary — Indians whether they live in India or not. Secondary — Anyone who is interested in India and Indian culture. And as a primary target customer myself, I can confidently say I honestly enjoy the native ads with information about my homeland. I love the interviews, the posts raising social awareness, and the random fluff pieces that BuzzFeed is so famous for… it makes me feel like I can keep up with what’s happening in India.

BuzzFeed India publishes posts with extremely relatable content that have a fun angle.

They also bring to light human interest stories that are particular to India and Indians.

The platforms they use are their website and their social media accounts, which are primarily Facebook and Twitter.