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I love elaborate low-payoff jokes. Part of their charm is their way-too-high commitment to the joke. Like Ken Cheng satirizing critics of NFL kneeling, by actually disrespecting the flag… of every country in the world. It took weeks, interwoven with elaborate story lines of his life, both true and made up. The thread is a masterpiece. But I digress.

Rick Astley released Never Gonna Give You Up on this day, July 27th, in 1987. Last year was the 30th anniversary, so I celebrated! …

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Gender Equality by Rupam Das on Flickr, Creative Commons.

With the recent news on harassment at Uber & VCs, you may have noticed it’s often women doing the hardest work… It’s often on women to risk their reputation to call out men in a position of power; a position to retaliate.

Women face the prospect of not being believed, being shamed, labelled “difficult”, trolled or doxxed.

If they ARE believed, and they use their real name, harassment might forever define them in peoples’ minds, Google results, etc.

I’ve seen calls for men to do more; also well-meaning men asking HOW to do more.

I’m by no means an expert, but I can share what women in my life have told me. If you have ideas, please share! I’d love to learn more. …

Fight for what’s right while maintaining your sanity.

Inciting “resistance fatigue” seems to be a consistent part of Trump’s blitzkrieg policy plan: stretch the attention of media and government, limiting anyone’s ability to push back. No one person will be able to fight every battle they care about in the next four years, and that’s by design. He even filed early for 2020 candidate status, so any political non-profit may risk losing their non-profit status due to “Political Campaign Intervention”.

Facing this cynical full court press, I often felt drained, and needed a new approach. After talking with experts and friends, here are three frameworks to help you stay sane, feel great, and maximize your…


Jonathan Howard

Conversation beats argument. Technical founder/advisor helping startups w/growth, research & prototyping. CTO Alum of Minted, Google, others.

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