Your Social Media Game is a Mess

The temperature of social media marketing has hit a record high. It might be winter but in social media land, dudes are walking around in flower print board shorts soaked in baby oil. Everyone with over 1000 followers is claiming guru status. While they float in digital lotus pose over their Twitter feeds, others (myself included) are walking around struggling to produce “good content”.

Some of the most digitally social people are producing terrible content and have the balls to boast about creating it. I do not count your auto-posted quotes as good content. I don’t count your shared posts as good content. I definitely don’t count your 3 day vacation pics. I count your willingness to provide useful information to your following. I count your engagement outside of you follower list.

Here is where it gets tricky. Marketers don’t care about any of that but your followers do. The question is what do you care about? Ad money or the real people on the other side of the screen? Are you building a brand so squeaky clean that Tide will want advertise with you or are you staying true to who you really are with all of the dirt and grime that comes with it?

Your followers are not dumb. They are not buying your overly sweet blog post about how delicious that $42 jar of honey was. You know, the post where you spelled out the entire name of the company 14 times in a 3 paragraph post. Even Winnie the Pooh would know that was a sales trap!

Good content is something that very few people on social offer. I’m talking about improving the lives of your following so much that they will never forget the day their lives changed without being led down a rabbit hole of self help webinars and diet books.

It’s time to stop being so opaque and plastic. The social media forecast is calling for higher temps and you are going to create a stain that Tide can’t clean up.