Whitelist Competition Winners

HypeXs’ whitelist competition has ended this week. So far this has been an incredible success. All of us at HypeX couldn’t be more thankful for every single one of you, for not only believing in our project but also sharing it with your friends and family. HypeX grows thanks to its incredible community. Thank you!

Winner list:

The following names are the winners of this Whitelist competition, who have been luckily drawn, plus the 10 top referrals. Congratulations to all the winners.

What’s Next?

In the next days, we will send a confirmation email to all the winners listed above, so we make sure everyone who has won a spot is aware of that and can participate in this exciting feat, our ITO (Initial Twitter Offering).

Then we will put all the winners’ wallet addresses into Mask Network, which allows the ITO, a new public offering network to be done on Twitter. We decided to do ITO, because it makes it easier for everyone to participate since it’s hosted on Twitter where part of our community is located, as well as because it doesn’t require KYC, therefore there is less friction and everyone can join and support us.

The ITO date and details will be announced soon, as always, on our official social media accounts listed at the end of the article, so stay tuned!

Read carefully how to participate in ITO and watch the explanatory videos in this guide.


Please be careful with scammers! There might be unofficial accounts (scammers) that pretend to be us, HypeX. We will never ask you for funds or DM you first on Telegram and Discord. If you see any account pretending to be us, please report it to us and don’t give any personal information. Thank you.

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