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StarkBoard by ODA
3 min readAug 5, 2022

StarkBoard is your place to track every StarkNet-related metric and keep up with new protocols adding to the constellation.

I — What’s in StarkBoard & user experience

StarkBoard is the go-to place to stalk StarkNet’s ecosystem through key metrics. From bridges’ in/out balance to the number of validators live on the network, StarkBoard will comport every metric you can think of.

StarkBoard also includes a section that reports every new project launching on StarkNet. This is possible thanks to a Machine Learning script developed by ODA.

While StarkBoard is ready to be deployed, we don’t plan on resting. As soon as the V1 will be live, we will work on new possibilities (off & on-chain) so we can provide the most cutting-edge insights on StarkNet.

II — Behind the scenes

Data we are using directly comes from a row node that retrieves On-Chain data for each block. Thanks to a dynamic work on archiving, we are building a cutting edge DataLake with custom ETL jobs to index On Chain data and provide instant powerful metrics.

StarkNet Data Flow On Chain Crypto blockchain node
StarkBoard Data Flow

Our stack implements both a StarkNet custom node and SnapshotX Checkpoint’s framework to gather On-Chain data and deliver indexed and aggregated data through both a GraphQL API and SQL Queries.

StarkBoard is fetching these data directly thanks to a dedicated Python API.

III — What’s next…

Once StarkBoard is live, it will be possible to request private access to StarkBoard datas/Indexer for protocols and DAOs that want to gain insight from top-tier StarkNet metrics.

Through StarkBoard, ODA will also provide private services such as dashboard creation and data analysis from highly-qualified data scientists.

IV — …and for now

As we said StarkBoard is ready to launch. But we do not want to release it in the rush. So we’ve decided that in order to reward most active StarkNet participants and make sure StarkBoard is fin prêt for the public launch, we’ll work with beta testers through our OG Cards.

Now you must be wondering: how do I get my card? Who knows…
Just in case, you may want to keep an eye on 👀

About us

StarkBoard is made and ran by ODA, a private DAO of curated members (~50) that share strong interest and knowledge in blockchain-related ecosystems.

ODA invests, builds, develops and advises ; if you think you could add value in any of these fields or want to collaborate, send us a dm :)

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