Elizabeth Stark
Mar 22, 2016 · 2 min read

Hi Kevin. While I appreciate that you want to hire more women, I figured I might give you a few tips.

(1) Why would a woman want to work for someone that decidedly “knows” what women are and are not interested in? Have you done *your* research? Do you have data? Surveys? I’ve talked to countless women who are interested in the bitcoin and blockchain space, and I recently gave a talk to a group that just happened to have a lot of women organized by the one and only Meltem. In fact, I would venture to bet that once one effectively explains the societal impact that blockchain technology could have, it makes it even more interesting to a lot of women. You might want to talk to Chelsea Barabas over at MIT DCI about that. So unless you’re willing to show me cold hard data on interest, noting that such data can be affected by how the technology is conveyed, no, it is not a fact.

(2) Meltem has been one of the key leaders at one of the top investment firms in the bitcoin and blockchain space, DCG. She is already an expert in the industry. So again, it would be good if you could do some research here. And in the post, she specifically mentioned that she is listing people that she personally came across, and that she was actively looking for new people to add. So instead of insulting her for not knowing a particular woman, and then attempting to demean her knowledge, maybe you should be humbly offering to introduce her to yet another woman in the space.

(3) Hiring women is not about waiting for the resumes to fall into your lap. Many women don’t want to work in places that lack diverse, friendly environments. I highly suggest you read up on strategies for more diverse hiring and stop complaining that they just didn’t “apply.” If you’re serious about hiring women, let me give you one final tip: stop telling female leaders in the blockchain space that they “don’t understand.”

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