You can talk like TED too.

Based on Talk Like TED, By Carmine Gallo
You may not believe one word of the statement, you can talk like TED — BUT YOU CAN! It is safe to say that public speaking is something we all dread. Something we also may agree on is that TED Talks have changed the world — they have changed our own personal world. TED speakers provide short, concise, educational, and even majestic dialogue to get people thinking. The speakers take the normal, everyday topic and turn the subject matter into a hurricane of imagination and learning. See what I did there? A little imagery to get us started!

Don’t get me wrong, delivering a speech at such caliber takes a lot on work. Endless hours, meaningful practice, and failure are a part of the process. Preparing to deliver a message also must include concentrated heart and creativity.

Carmine Gallo synthesizes the best TED talks, by the world’s top minds, and defines the nine most critical values of an influential TED talk. With Gallo’s pointers, you will be on the road to talking like TED today. With that, let’s get started!

Unleash the Master Within
Alright, let’s pick a topic. The most foundational element of teaching people is having passion yourself. So, what should we talk about? What do you want to persuade people to do or know?

Say you are passionate master of family meal time. Let’s start a hypothetical presentation about the value of eating dinner together as a family.

Master the Art of Storytelling
Stories, well-constructed, are the glue between people and ideas. 
So what’s your story? Maybe as a child your family was religious about family dinner time. You learned your most important life lessons at the dinner table- the value of love, hard work, communication, and delicious food. Family dinner was all about what you didn’t know you were learning. Such a simple practice and so many proven benefits.

This will be your story. Be sure to master the skill of connecting the idea to you personally. Show how it affected you and how it can affect your audience too.

Have a Conversation
Being genuine and comfortable in front of people takes a lot of practice. When you feel secure delivering your message, others feel secure listening. Confidence is key!

You must practice your message hundreds of times, in front of many different types of audiences. Create a dialogue, ask for feedback and suggested improvements. Practice, after all makes perfect.

Teach Me Something New
Be creative in your delivery. Teach your audience something they have never heard before. Solve a problem as old as time in a new way. Be innovative, ingenious, and novel.

Your topic is on family dinner. One of the many families face today is a time famine. What is a new and creative solution to fixing this problem? How can families still have dinner together and manage to participate in all of their other activities?

Deliver Jaw Dropping Moments
People’s attention span is unfortunately not very long. Surprising your audience will not only keep them paying attention to your presentation now, but help them remember it later. You can use incredible pictures, or stories as mentioned earlier. You can even use statistics.

For your presentation show the impact of children’s education that family dinners have. How can you present it in an unforgettable way?

Lighten Up
Lighten up. It’s as simple as that. People are drawn to humor. People connect too and remember humor. Even if you are discussing a difficult subject, inviting a little humor will help people feel comfortable and relaxed.

Think about a time when something funny happened at a family dinner. Even if something incredibly serious happened, look for a chance to make it light.

Stick to the 18 minute rule
Back to the human attention span- it’s short! That’s just a fact. 
All TED talks are under or around 18 minutes. This is the perfect time to keep people’s attention. Partnered with all of the previously mentioned tactics, a short presentation is perfect. People also need to see variety throughout the presentation.

Use slides, use facts, tell stories, make them laugh, make them cry. Variety keeps the viewers interested. How can you accomplish variety in 18 minutes? Take your audience on a journey.

Paint a Mental Picture
Incorporating the five human senses in valuable. By using the five senses you can transport your audience to a new place and time.

The smell of a pot roast and potatoes, or the warm smell of homemade cookies will warm your audience up. Transport them to an ideal scene of a family dinner. Make them feel and understand the lie changing benefits.

Stay in Your Lane
Lastly, be who you really are, not someone else. Authenticity is what everyone wants. People trust authenticity, and find it refreshing when people are different. Find what presenting style and techniques most fit your personality and message. Make your message and delivery custom to who you are.

With Carmine Gallo’s nine tips, you can most definitely talk like TED. Make your presentation reflect your personality, passion, and genuine self. Practice and refine your message. Talk like TED.

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