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I received my third inquiry asking about the credibility of music pr company Starlight PR today so I thought I’d do a write up on it. I usually do magazine reviews this is music PR Review.

Praised by many as the #1 Music PR Firm for up-and-coming artist, I did some extensive research and interviews with prominent people in the music industry to find out more. The company was founded in 2008 by J.C McDonald the current chairman and CEO of JCM Holdings, a privately held investment firm which subsidiaries includes Sirius XM, Regal Movies, MusicLinkup amongst other entertainment ventures. Starlight PR started primarily as a A&R Firm then diversified into public relations in early 2010.

The company earned its reputation by focusing mostly on the up-and-coming artists market. Literally taking artists from zero to having semi and or wildly successful careers. Their first major publicity came from the successful campaign of Bryson Tiller’sTrapSoul who went on to win best new artist at the BET Awards. More success followed when they were hired by Def Jam Records for Alessia Cara’s Four Pink Walls and solidified their reputation as a sort after PR Firm for new artists. Many new comers who have used the service also flock blog sites with starlight pr reviews.

Recent Most Notable Success

  • R.CITY — Locked Away ft Adam Levine

Starlight PR conducted the casting call and assembled a highly qualified team for the music video production and promotion. They brought on Gil Green as director. He is the man behind the videos for acts like Lil Wayne, Diddy, John Legend, Trina, Rick Ross, and more. Missy Galanida was appointed executive producer. The concept for the video was everyday stories of families facing poverty, imprisonment and lost love. The video was shot in Miami. Behind-the-scene footages can be watch here.

  • OMI — Cheerleader

The Jamaican born singer hired Starlight PR for his virtually unknown single Cheerleader in 2014. After a 8 month long campaign “Cheerleader” was one of the most played songs on radio for the summer of 2015. Starlight secured an exclusive pop shop podcast on Billboard.com where Omi discussed hitting no. 1 & how “Cheerleader” almost wasn’t a song. Check it out here.


Prices are reasonable given the value of whats included in each campaign. Ranging from a few hundred dollars to the more high level campaigns which can go up to $20k. Those campaigns include full spread in Rolling Stones, Forbes Magazine, VIBE and other high profile publications. I particular like the fact that prices are transparent on the website. A few people believe that a company should not display prices but I think thats rubbish. Prices should be clear from the start so companies don’t rack up the price once they see that you have a little extra money to spend. Another unique thing about the company is its personalize effect where each client is assigned a designated team of Project managers, publicists, and PR coordinators no matter what campaign is purchased. Its not a one man’s show but a full team. 
 Over all, it is a good, very organized PR Firm that delivers result. Are they #1? I don’t know for sure but I can’t find any other PR firm with the value and professionalism that Starlight PR provides for the up-and-coming artist on the rise.

That concludes my review of Starlight PR.

Author: James Roberts

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