At Starpoint Law, our dedicated California product liability attorneys have the skills and experience needed to hold negligent companies accountable for dangerous products. If you have questions about the product liability statute of limitations or product liability law, we are ready to offer actionable guidance.

To get a free, strictly confidential review of your defective product claim, please do not hesitate to contact our legal team today. With an office in Los Angeles, we represent clients throughout Southern California, including in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Ventura County.

If you’ve recently been involved in a car accident, and the LAPD has filled out a report, you can now receive a copy from the Los Angeles Police Department

Find out how to obtain a copy of your accident report here.

We compiled crash data. We analyzed that data. Now we have come up the cities in Los Angeles County that will be the most dangerous when it comes to drivers drinking and driving.

Driving in Los Angeles can be dangerous enough, but when you factor in alcohol to the mix that is when the risk sky rockets.

Check out our latest public safety study:

Finding the best attorney in Los Angeles can be tough, there are so many to choose from.

But, Starpoint Law is all about giving the client the information that you deserve. So if you want to find out how much a personal injury case is worth check out one of our latest articles. Then, call us to set-up a free consultation.

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