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The figure of the hacker has long been repulsive. R&D looting, ransoms, personal data theft, jeopardized military or economic strategies, there is no limit to the damages hackers can do to society. But, what if we disentangled hacking from crime?

A hacker is someone who creatively overcomes difficulties. If you can fix your car engine with washing machine spare parts, you are hacking the automobile sector. A performant hacker, from a technical point of view, shall be extremely innovative with limited resources. What do you hack and for what purpose are the key questions. Because the best way to know if your fortress is impregnable is to be besieged and see if it holds, governments and companies are progressively accepting to work in partnership with “white hats” (legal, or ethical hackers) to protect themselves from outsiders’ attacks. The “Hack the Pentagon” competition rewards the hacker who would find vulnerabilities in the U.S. Department of Defense’s websites and software, among a selection of the world’s best hackers. It is a state of mind. Mr. …


Starquest Capital

French VC fund focused on tech breakthrough. Lovin' #deeptech #greentech #cyber #B2B #norisknofuture

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