Consistency x Vision=Bond

Word equation of the day

Photo taken at the ground floor of my office along Robinson Road.

I have two words stuck in my mind this week.

1. Consistency

2. Bond

Bothersome as I am, I want to translate this into some connection. An equation to merge concepts, perhaps.

Let me try to structure this in my head.

Consistency is of fundamental importance. It is the discipline of repetition and inching forward no matter if it drizzles or storms, or if there’s beautiful sunshine.

Vision is when a dreamer/inventor/need recogniser decides that there’s a venture worth exploring and pursuing.

And “Bond” comes in because when considering a vision, you need the consistency to achieve whatever that is worth pursuing. Only then, will you experience this “kumbaya” moment, galvanizing people together and bonding them.

Okay. This is a lousy explanation. I will have to mull further.