‘let those scars be your war stories, no longer inflicted with pain, but a mark of having overcome.

Sure, they played with your mind, F*** it around, but hey,

Arent we all human and guilty of that? No excuse, shssh. Put your fingers to your lips.

Teach yourself to smile, cry, scream, shout and have fun. Do something new each week.

No life is messy, it is, it is. Be not afraid, choose to love, instead of waiting on love.

There’s nothing wrong with being vulnerable, believe, belief. Thinking and loving is beautiful.

Life may be hard, winds howl, storms beat down on you, but look up, look up.

See the blue hue above the bleak clouds, see and imagine, believe and know, the grey will turn to beautiful.

So dance, throw your legs up to the sky, show the world what He has done for you.

Fret now, frown no more, there’s true joy to be acknowledged, faith and hope and again, Love, love, love.

One day, I know that the heart will come alive once more. It will no longer be alone, bottled or shriveled.

Yes, YES, come and jump, start this engine once more. Be once more the person I used to be. Breathe, but dont forget.

Knowing your limits, experience gives you the knowledge and wisdom to jump lilypads without falling into traps.

Freedom at its best.’

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