Human Complexity and Emotions

It’s when you think something in your head, and even feel it deep down in your stomach and heart, but the actions and words that are released couldn’t be further from the original intent.

Human complexity. That is being all wound up and clogged up, so that the truth isn’t unveiled.

And it is only one way of explaining it.

All of us are complex in our own singular way. Why we don’t say what we feel, why we are in deep conflict; it all boils down to something quite intangible isn’t it?


Humans are emotional by nature. We have feelings. Even your most icy friend, family relative or co-worker has it, perhaps for those it lies beneath many layers of ice.

Don’t underestimate emotions. Though humans are complex, sometimes emotions are the doorway to perceiving what else lies inside a person.

Most of all, every human has their own storyline, it might be sweet and innocent, or bitter and fancy, it could be dark and tragic. Whatever it is, let us all be slow to paint stereotypes or push a harsh word or release a critic too quickly in the mind.

We all have our beginnings and as humans, they are almost always littered with complexity and emotions.

Maybe that’s exactly what we need to see that intrinsic beauty in people.

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