my closet

He’s metres away, so near yet far. Does he hear the beat?

Or no. The banner and towers are too strong to waver. Should i speak? I fear to stumble.

All I want to say is clear. But does my heart or mind speak? Im not sure.

Long to touch those scars again, long to outline those boundaries of red.

Can such a want of mine be met?

Through and through I doubt it true,

for those are wants beyond the scope.

A want of which I cant withhold.

Dare I trepass the mystery path, or do I forgo my human lust?

Seldom has my heart proved true, for thrice it showed-wrong way, lets go.

A week its hard, I cant say no.

Forget the wounds and free Im told.

Hope that I am not a fool, but to push and hold is wisdom so.

What end this brings, Ill have to stake, no win, no lose, I will partake.

This phase in life is just a bit,more to come, I will await.

Matters such as future dreams, top of list, no foolish games.

Time will show what lies for all;

past, present, future, youll know for real.

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