What happens when Mr Routine marries Mrs Spontaneity?

He leaves work on the dot, waiting at the stop way before the bus arrives. She races down the stairs, pavement street and mostly late.

He finds comfort in repeating the same activity day after day, evening after evening; books and pages, words and thoughts.

She loves to read too. But her mind wanders and she starts dreaming and drawing. If a book can keep her reading that one is a score.

He speaks to the same few people; close and cosy. And never feeling the need to engage beyond necessary, though when challenged on an arena he loves, you’d find him with comments and thoughts aplenty.

She speaks to everyone; from the pantry lady, the security guard, the neighboring colleagues, old friends, new acquaintances. And always feeling the need to learn more about the lives of people, curiously asking, always listening. Though most misunderstand her for being a people pleaser and never loyal, her listening doesn’t mean consent, so when challenged, she makes her allegiance clear and duty outweighs her personal opinions.

Marriage ain’t no walk in the park. When lovers differ, at times it seems wonderful, but there at times when it gets tiresome and lonely.

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