America can’t keep helping the world in the condition and decline its in. I think we can agree that this country first off belonged to the Natives and was established and comprised of and by Imigrants….and dinosaurs before that…. SO F*KING WHAT!? It’s about NOW- Its not about being anti immigration, it’s about halting the immigration flow until the United States is more stable. This isn’t the time for people to be offended or whine about their ignorocracy. The country if falling apart because the foundation is being chipped away at. Change is good but what this country is doing is devolving- not changing- big difference. A structure falls with a weak foundation. The corruption and lack a care for our own people is appalling. How can we remove a twig from one mans eye when there is a stick in ours???? There needs to be first structure in OUR own country then a opportunity and gateway for immigrants to safely and legally come to America. It’s not ANTI-immigration- it’s structure! America is built on and comprised of immigrants from around the world, however we have became the United States of America, we have borders and a constitution, laws and structure. In order to continue having the capability of helping other countries and peoples of the world WE HAVE TO BE SOUND…. we are not that right now. We are a joke, a falling apart joke… so YES there needs to be a temporary [halt] slowing down of, not [a forever ban] on the flow of immigration. It’s common sense! And it’s so ironic how you people speak of this immigration and racism bullshit about Trump…. When his wife can hardly speak English! And apparently you haven’t heard or witnessed all the opportunities and assistance he has freely given to immigrants and minorities OF WHICH the media does so well to hide. It’s time.