Why I, a male, millennial, and person of color, am voting for Hillary Clinton
Suneil Kamath

She was a FAILED attorney, the firm she WAS with spoke horribly of her and told about what a terrible job she did…. I’m sorry I stopped reading your article there, came down here to help you out. You need to go gather some facts. I can’t even believe she is allowed to run while being under investigation honestly.

On anther note she is targeting a certain class and group of people, playing the hero card. It’s all bullshit and lies. The type of people she is targeting are desperate, confused and so far off from morals, patriotism and accountability they play right into her hand. She has absolutely no care in the world for them. She sounds like a push button phrase doll. Again I can’t believe she is even allowed to run…. With the investigations going on? Wow… so if she is incarcerated I suppose she’ll have to run her campaign from behind the gate huh?

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