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I am not sure how to manipulate the format here, so I will have to answer here at the bottom, or wherever this winds up.

In regard to ‘Nazi’, ‘fascist’, and so on, as I am using these terms they are not slurs but have fairly objective definitions. Nazi and fascist I (partially) defined above; a racist is not just a prejudiced person but someone who believes in political and social ideas based on a theory of physical races. (Or acts as if….) As a New Yorker I have had to observe Mr. Trump for a long time and I am pretty confident about the ideas he supports.

I agree that Mr. Trump has a long way to go before he reaches the status of the classical fascist dictators. He does not (yet) have a private army and police force (that I know about). However, the NSDAP did not amount to much when it started out, either. What I’m concerned with at this point is not the number of their followers, but the content of their minds, and the generally pusillanimous response of the organizations which are supposed to be in opposition, beyond namecalling, class-baiting, and snobbery. That’s partly the situation that obtained in in Germany in the early 1930s as well.

‘Socialism’, to me, is a 19th-century theory about the workers or the community owning and controlling the means of production. It was a very popular idea at the time the Nazi party was organizing, so they adopted the name and some of the style. I don’t think it meant very much then, and means less now (if indeed it is in use by any Nazis today).

It is true random violence in the streets will probably not be very effective if some kind of serious Nazi movement is developing. But if the state won’t protect us, we have to do something for ourselves.