Should evangelicals vote for Clinton or Trump?
Matthew Anderson

I have never understood the attraction of the Republican Party for Evangelicals. (And as a matter of fact, the first serious Fundamentalist I ever met was a liberal Democrat who was active in the Civil Rights movement.) The Republican Party before the 1960s was mostly about money, and after mostly about race, in spite of Colossians 3:11 and similar passages. Both parties pursue war: Clinton has been a warmonger and possibly a war criminal, and Trump says he wants to be one, yet war is certainly not recommended to Christians by Jesus or any of his early followers. Evangelicals have some scriptural basis for being suspicious of government programs involving payoffs to various classes of people (Matt 22:21) but not for supporting any kind of legal or political oppression of minorities. In short, it seems to me that Evangelicals have a contradiction between their religious convictions and their political practices to resolve, besides worrying about who to vote for in 2016.

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