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From Oklahoma to Beverly Hills, Garyk Lee has left a mark on fashion and art, and aims to get people to vote.

Garyk Lee lives a creative lifestyle that many people could only dream of. He seamlessly flits between painting, animation, fashion design, architecture, interior designs and more.

He comes from a small town in Oklahoma. After dropping out of school only a semester away from graduating with a degree in architecture, he chose to follow his passion and get into the world of high fashion.

His brilliant designs have been celebrated by Mr. …

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Cry for the Bad Man is the new Sam Farmer film cum Camille Keaton (I Spit on Your Grave) vehicle. Before you delve into the interview between Sam and editor Stephen Dare about the mechanics of making and distributing an indie horror film, check out the latest trailer clip!

Stephen Dare: Hey, this is Stephen Dare, and I am with Sam Farmer who is the producer, director, and writer of the new Camille Keaton vehicle: Cry For The Bad Man.

Stephen Dare: Hey Sam, thanks for joining us.

Sam Farmer: Hey Stephen, thanks so much.

Stephen Dare: It was so great to see your movie finished, produced and ready to go. …

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Ever since the development of CRISPr Harvard has been an American hotbed of genetic tinkering.

Now, Harvard researchers have announced that they’ve identified a “DNA switch” that allows animals to regrow entire portions of their bodies.

This finding, with a few qualifiers, has enormous implications, especially for human limb and organ regeneration..

Limb regeneration is an old trick for animals, some of which are capable of astoundingly useful performances.

For example, some geckos drop their tails off in order to distract hungry predators. Provided that this gambit works, the simply regrow them later.

If you cut off a salamander’s leg, it will grow back. …

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