Puspita Popy Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Affairs, Wiki & Facts

Puspita Popy Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Affairs, Husband & Facts

Puspita Popy

Puspita Popy Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Affairs, Wiki & Facts

Puspita Popy is a recent name in the Bangladeshi entertainment industry. She is one of the talent new-comers. She just came to the industry and she acted in a few Dhallywood films. Only two of her films are released.

Early Life

Puspita Roy was born in Chandpur district of Bangladesh. She had no dream to be an actress before coming to the film industry. Once she was in a restaurant and fortunately she met with the director Montazur Rahman Akbar. Montazur Rahman offered her to act in her new film. Puspita accepted that offer and then acted in her first film. The name of her first film is Tomake Bhalobese Ami Dewana. The film is produced by Star plus and the name of the director of the film is Montazur Rahman Akbar. Puspita played a nice role there. She acted there with another new actor name Shadhin and with Amit Hasan.


Her first film Tomake Bhalobese ami dewana is not released yet. But two of her another films are released in the last year. Her movie Kokhono vule jeo na was released in the last year on August month. After one week of that, her another film named Age Jodi Jaantam Tui hoibi por was released. It was also directed by the director Montazur Rahman Akbar. Both of her film got a good appreciation and overall both of those films were commercially successful.


Now, she is acting in her first film which is not released yet. Several shootings are still not completed. She is working for those. She said about her first film that, Tomake Bhalobese ami dewana is my first film. This film is being directed by the director Montajur Rahman Akbar. She is hopeful about her first film. She said that hopefully people will accept the film and love it. As it is her first film, she is so excited about the film. She said for the audiences to take the film easily and forgive if they find any mistakes there. At last, she wanted to keep her in the prayer so that she can make better performance in the future.

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