I’m only free until you chose me {Poetry}

Every man who has ever loved me has had the desire to set me free. to gift me my freedom, what he didnt know is that im already free. and no one can give that to me, except me. what would happen if a man loved the parts of me that hunger for the touch of cages against my wings, the absolute beauty and desiribility of staying close to the ground, the smell of his body each day and no one elses. the taste of the soil and the earth and his flesh. what if he chose and clearly decided that he was enough to satisfy my everything, what if he stood tall. not frightened by my freedom and availability. and grabbed me by the hair, pulled my chin, towards his lips , tilted my neck every so slightly and demanded i see him as my king. what if he actually claimed me and did everything in his power to make me stay. because i’m only free until someone brave enough gives me a reason not to. don’t ask for the wholeness of my heart, and i won’t willingly give it to you, ill keep soaring to new heights, until you get up to fly with me, wrap me in your arms and throw us both down on the ground. hovering gently over me, showing me your burning desire.. which, is that I, stay.