Inspirational Author Germany Kent Promotes Positive Branding in the Lives of Young Girls at PowHERful Conference (ATLANTA, GA)

GERMANY KENT ( the inspirational trailblazer, also known as The Hope Guru™, has been tapped to share her knowledge and expertise with attendees at the upcoming PowHerful Enrichment Conference being sponsored by the PowHerful Foundation, in conjunction with The Sara Blakely Foundation. The event is scheduled for Saturday, May 13, 2017 from 8–4:00 p.m. at the Spanx corporate offices in Atlanta, Georgia.

The majority of the young women participating in the conference are girls of color from low-income families, and the first to go to college. The conference is a way of bringing a taste of the foundation’s core scholar program to a broader audience in cities across the country. The platform gives these high school- and college-aged girls a chance to explore different career options, receive useful guidance and advice, and interact with successful professionals.

Kent will be a panelist for the Branding section moderated by Kate Moore, Vice President and Assistant General Counsel for Goldman Sachs. The other panelists will be Nicole Henderson, President and Owner, Selsi Enterprises, Mea Boykins, CEO, Global Management and Marketing, and Tiffany Meriweather, Assistant General Counsel for CBS Corporation.

The inspirational author of You Are What You Tweet (YAWYT) and The Hope Handbook Series is an advocate for empowering teens, and helping them with self-esteem and career development initiatives. Kent, a tireless supporter of promoting the arts and culture in youth is a longtime advocate of encouraging African-American youth in the participation and appreciation of the arts. Kent who is a champion in promoting personal growth, is a trusted media resource, award-winning speaker, and positivity and social media etiquette expert.

Kent has been known to boost the self-esteem and mental power of both women, and men. Kent is what you call inspiring, fearless, transparent and note-worthy. A beloved inspirational woman of humility and strength, Kent has captivated her 114,000 Twitter followers with a broad array of communication on hope, faith, inspiration and success-driven motivational messages. Kent is also a successful commercial and print actress, celebrity interviewer who has interviewed Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy and Grammy-Winning artists, and a award-winning and bestselling author of 10 motivational/personal development books.

Being a personal development enthusiast, Kent believes that personal branding plays a major role on the journey to success and is the key ingredient for continued growth, maximum effectiveness and ultimate self awareness. She is a woman living on purpose and encourages others to seek meaning in their lives. She encourages young women to live out their dreams and have only positive expectations in life. As a multi-faceted individual who has been successful in many areas, Kent ultimately encourages young people to seek clarity and to be intentional. She states “If you don’t know what it is you’re looking for you’re NEVER going to find it. You have to be clear on what it is you’re seeking.”

Her sole purpose for writing You Are What You Tweet is to educate, inform and evoke emotion in people to be mindful of what they post on social media. This desire came after observing a wave of negative messages and people from all walks of life posting various messages on social sites that directly affected the perceptions surrounding those individuals. She felt it was necessary to inform people that they are what they post online and to turn their message to the world and personal branding into something positive. Her thought-provoking book has garnered international attention, and earned Kent a distinguished alumni recognition from her Alma Mater, Mississippi State University, where they spotlighted her literary work and her contributions to social media. Kent’s book has also been recognized by Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, Bloomberg Business, The Dallas Morning News, NPR, college professors, K-12 educators, parents and bloggers nationwide. Widely known for her positive disposition, Kent has been successful in delivering potent information, inspirational nuggets, and empowering speeches along the way.

Kent’s motto is “If you’re not reaching back to help anyone, then you’re not building a legacy.”

ABOUT THE POWHERFUL FOUNDATION The PowHERful Foundation (formerly the Starfish Foundation) was founded by journalist Soledad O’Brien and her husband Brad Raymond in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Throughout her travels Soledad met countless bright, deserving young women who wanted to get a degree — but the circumstances in their lives, especially financially, prevented them from doing so. Our Foundation gets these young women to, and through, college. We provide financial assistance, mentorship, and wraparound services to help our scholars achieve their highest potentials. We reach an even wider audience of girls through our nationwide Enrichment Conferences. At the Starfish Foundation we are transforming lives — one girl at a time.