7 Reasons to Implement Social Media in Your Web Promotion Strategies

In the present moment, each and every business professional should start considering the importance of his business’ online and social media presence . The digital era that we currently live in is dictating the terms of the marketplace. And that’s not the only influencing factor; technology, for example, is another critical factor that always changes the dynamics of the market.

When there was no the internet, a lot of physical resources and big budgets were required in order to create successful businesses. Not everyone could afford to invest 1000$ into materials, and not everyone knew how to actually start a business. Now we have all the available information, and we can reach it immediately with a use of a click.

Here’s an interesting fact though 46% of the US businesses still don’t have a website by 2016. This number is quite shocking, as it speaks about how careless and away from the reality some business professionals are. Not jumping into the online environment nowadays is just plain stupid.

Your business promotion can be done through the use of the main website, which will basically become your business representation online. When you have the website, you can begin focusing on finding ways to promote it and bring your business to the next level.

There are many efficient ways in which you can promote your brand; social media is one of them, and today we’ll focus our efforts on showing you why social media is the best website promotion strategy. Besides that, you’ll also receive plenty of tips and tricks suggestions to improve the quality of your campaigns.

No matter what type of business you run, I’m sure that social media can work for you too! Here are the 7 reasons to implement social media in your website promotion strategies immediately and bring your business to a different level:

1. Social Media Presence Improves Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is extremely critical to a company’s success. If people know about your existence, you’re gaining a huge business advantage and you can overstep your competition easily. Think about it; whenever you go shopping and you have to choose between a known brand and a no-name brand product, what do you do?

Social media helps you build that useful reputation by reaching thousands and millions of potential customers. Every social network has some useful advertising options and tools that can help you go beyond what you thought it’s possible. Of course, improving your brand’s awareness and reputation comes with some budgetary costs.

Let’s leave aside for the moment and focus on what social media actually does to your brand’s reputation and awareness.

  • Improves your products or services price

Companies like Coca-Cola or Sony don’t have to stress about their products and services price. They can easily establish the price; of course, they’re doing that already, and they’re pricing their products bigger than the competition.

You know why? Because everyone has heard and already took a sip of coke before having to decide whether or buy or not from the store.

  • It gives you a chance to get viral

You see, when people see something nice, they actually have a deep desire to share the material with their close friends. Knowing that they’ve contributed to the wellbeing of a close friend by sharing valuable information or entertaining material is just the perfect reason for them to go ahead and share your brand’s name around.

If your website’s link or company’s name goes viral, you’ll be visited by millions of potential customers!

Tip: You can win customers by running contests and promotions

Through the use of your social media profiles, you can organize and hold all sorts of contests. These should be targeted towards your target audience, respectively your profile page’s followers. Give away five products for free, all random, to those who distribute, like, and comment on your posts.

2. Better Marketing Performance

Your marketing efforts are extremely relevant to the wellbeing of your business. If your website is visited by a lot of individuals, it’s obvious that your chances of converting them into followers and eventually customers improve. So let’s see why social media improves our website’s popularity and how exactly will your marketing performance be improved.

  • More awareness -> More traffic -> More followers and subscribers -> More Sales -> Success

This is exactly how things work in the online business environment. When you’re promoting your brand through a website, you’re basically already in the online environment, so you must adapt.

Social media gives you the chance to improve the popularity of your brand, as we’ve already discussed. By maintaining an active performance on more social media channels, you’re getting access to so many people, and they’re getting access to you at the same time.

When more people see your social media profiles, more will get to see your website and follow you on social media. That means that you are improving your traffic. The moment your traffic is more and more significant; the moment you’ll be able to improve the number subscriptions for your freee-mail newsletter. We’ll talk about e-mails later.

You can see the pattern here, right? It’s all connected. Now let’s get to the bottom line here, and notice that the more e-mail subscribers, interested social media followers, and unknown traffic you get, the more your business activity will turn out in profits.

  • Amazing Social Media Tools and Advertising Options

Because so many marketers do social media, two trends have been born; social media paid advertising and social media digital tools. Each of these trends is extremely vital in today’s marketing choices. We first have the paid advertising features that every social media platform offers.

I’m talking about Facebook ads, Twitter ads, StumbleUpon reach option, Instagram ads, and so many other types of options among so many other social media channels. My point is that we’re surrounded by possibilities; if we have the budget, we can definitely improve the business by investing in social media opportunities.

The second part: the social media tools. Nowadays, useful tools replace time-consuming tasks; they basically automate basic tasks and allow the user to focus on more important tasks that software couldn’t do. Check out this list of useful social media software.

3. B2B Relationships

Social media is also an efficient method of communication between business professionals and webmasters. When you’re developing your social media presence, you’ll be able to get in touch with different professionals that have the share your business interests.

From there, you can establish purposeful connections and leverage them. You should also allow them to leverage you. It’s a win-win situation in which two websites or company’s owners decide that they’re not in direct competition and therefore create a collaboration.

There are more types of collaborations, but most consist in sharing each other’s content on social media, featuring some articles, products, and services, and promoting the other company’s offers through e-mail marketing.

Every time you decide that you want to build some connections with other business owners, you should use LinkedIn. It’s the best social network which is totally dedicated to professionals. Business, jobs, connections, networking; you can find so many productive things, so start looking!

Establishing powerful relationships with related businesses makes your brand more resourceful, powerful, and better seen on social media. That automatically means that your business will evolve.

4. Long-Lasting Personal Relationships

We’re business professionals, we aren’t supposed to have feelings. Still, some feelings of friendship, bond, or connection can always occur between two people. It doesn’t matter if you’re an FBI agent or a marketer; it’s in our human nature to connect with each other.

Whenever you’re popular on social media, your brand’s “weight” will improve. Its value increases every time someone new hears about it. Being the business owner of that professional company name is a huge advantage for your future professional opportunities.

You can take advantage of your business and social status and create long lasting personal relationships with other successful people. It’s mainly recommended to look for those individuals that have highly related interests and professional occupations as you do.

A personal relationship means that you’re more than “professionals”. Mainly you are, yes, but you are also comfortable with each other, maybe even friends. Whenever the “personal” factor kicks in, you can rely much more on their help, and they can do the same with you.

Making new connections and relationships is a huge factor that many marketers and business owners underestimate. It’s about how resourceful you are; that what makes the difference between a stable and successful business and a mediocre one.

Tip 1: Find social media influencers and pay them to promote your brand and website. It’s a great way to reach thousands of their closest followers and capture their attention with your offers. This is a common strategy that even the biggest brands use. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are paid millions to wear some brands names, do commercials, and so on.

Tip 2: Take the time to research for potential business and personal interest relationships. Make a list with all the names and channels of communication, write down your reasons for networking with that person, and then start taking action towards the goals that you’ve set.

5. Reasonable Investment Budget Required

There are two ways in which you can leverage social media. You can use the free promotion and the paid promotion. Let’s quickly take a look at each separately.

Free Promotion

Whenever you create a social media profile such as a Facebook page, an Instagram page, a Twitter profile, or a LinkedIn profile, you’re allowing other people to become your followers through the use of the network. In order to improve the number of loyal followers, you should keep promoting your profile and keep providing valuable content.

Eventually, you’ll run your marketing campaign without any costs, because the expansion is organic. It happens through shares and likes, so everything’s developing automatically.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising options such as advertisements, banners, and featuring can definitely skyrocket your marketing campaign and improve your website’s popularity. Because you’re paying good bucks for a wide audience reach, you’re getting lots of live traffic that directly get to your business’ website.

Some people can’t afford to pay for such things, so they go for the free promotion. If you have a budget, I’d suggest checking these awesome social media paid advertising options.

It doesn’t matter what path you choose. You are going to build a followers’ base either way; organic or paid, you’ll be able to capture a wide target audience and redirect them to your website and services.

The investment of your social media campaigns also dramatically drops after the initial stages. When your followers start sharing your content around, there’s going to be an avalanche effect, and you’ll just have to sit and watch. No more money invested!

If you have issues coming up with unique and qualitative content to share on your social media profiles, I’d suggest ordering it from a professional content writing service. I always use Australianwritings service, as they’ve always performed well and provided me enough value to make the time and the financial investments worthwhile.

6. Better Customer’s Loyalty

Social media is also an effective communication channel between your brand and your customers. On your social media channels, you will be posting relevant and valuable information that will make your customers trust you more. When they see that you’re not in just for their cash, they’ll start to respect you more.

The loyalty of your customers is so important to your long term plans. If you can manage to make them repetitive buyers, you’ll double or even triple your earnings. If you show them that you care about them, they’ll show back the love by improving your business revenue big time.

Your customer’s loyalty also increases the moment you start engaging personally with your audience. Even though it’s time-consuming, there are some good ways to do that. First, you can schedule a Q&A live video session on your profile; let them ask you questions and give straightforward and helpful answers.

The customers and followers can also reach you by e-mail, and you can dedicate about a half an hour each day to respond and improve the engagement. Invest in your customer’s trust, and notice how everything starts to blossom.

7. More Revenue

Obviously, the main reason we all struggle to improve our website’s visibility and our brand’s reach is to earn more profits. The definition of a business includes the profit factor, and most of the people are mostly looking at the financial benefits whenever starting businesses or websites.

By using your social media profile, you can leverage the traffic, the followers, and ultimately the products and services that you’re selling. If social media promotion strategies have a huge potential, why not take advantage of them? I know, failure is an eventual happening, but you can’t let that stop you.

I’d suggest dedicating a few days to researching the potential of social media; then, start looking for specific strategies that could suit your business needs best. Don’t focus on too many, as you don’t want to be distracted.


Social media is the top marketing trend nowadays. It will continue to be so until something really revolutionary happen. Until then, if you’re running a business, you must really take care of your online presence. Create it, optimize it, make it professional, and reach more success!

Developing and maintaining a consistent social media promotion isn’t that hard, and it isn’t as expensive as some may think either. You just got to focus on the priorities: the value that you provide to your audience and the ways in which you can transform viewers into followers and respectively buyers.

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