Effective Pinterest Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Business

While many people disregard Pinterest as a quaint niche site designed to help people re-purpose pallets, the fact of the matter is that Pinterest is a powerful marketing platform.

With upwards of 100 million users, Pinterest is nothing to sneeze at.

In fact, when it comes to total user growth, Pinterest is the fastest-growing social media site in the world.

Not only does Pinterest offer a large user base. It also features a uniquely engaged set of users that like to spend money and put a great deal of their time into the platform.

Because of this, it’s rapidly becoming one of the most popular marketing tools out there for businesses in a variety of industries. If you’re not yet utilizing Pinterest to grow your business, or you simply want to improve your approach, this piece is designed for you.

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The Effectiveness of Pinterest: What Marketers Need to Know

The smart marketer understands that just because something has a lot of users and is growing rapidly doesn’t mean it will be effective for everyone, and that’s right. One of the biggest benefits Pinterest has to offer, though, is the likelihood of purchase.

When users are referred to a product via a Pinterest post, they’re 10% more likely to buy the product than they would be had they seen it in a Facebook post. What’s more, a whopping ¼ of all Fortune 100 companies use Pinterest to grow their online presence, which proves that the platform is doing something right in the way of effectiveness.

As it stands today, Pinterest features more than 70 billion pins on the platform and, according to Jeff Bullas, a massive 80% of them enjoy regular re-pins. When compared to Twitter only 1.4% of all Tweets are retweeted. However, it’s clear that, when used correctly, Twitter can be an amazingly powerful place to go viral and enjoy widespread success for your online content.

10 Pinterest Marketing Tactics to Improve Your Online Presence

Now that you know why Pinterest is such an effective marketing platform, it’s time to talk about how to use it. Businesses in all industries use Pinterest, as evidenced by the fact that the platform offers pins ranging from arts and crafts to business advice. While the social media site is a wonderful place to gain online exposure, the following ten tips can help boost your chances of going viral.

1. Make a healthy number of your pins evergreen

While Pinterest is a great place to showcase new products or advertise a sale, a healthy portion of the pins you save to the platform should be evergreen.

Here’s why: Pins have a lifespan of months on Pinterest. When compared to a Facebook post’s lifespan of hours, and a Tweet’s lifespan of minutes, it’s clear that using Pinterest as a platform to develop evergreen content can generate an ROI that lasts for an extended period of time even after the post has been published.

Because Pinterest offers a search and follow feature, the pins users love have the potential to recirculate around the platform for a near-infinite period. The more the pin is pinned, the more it’s re-pinned down the road.

With this in mind, use Pinterest as a place to share some highly evergreen content. For an example, consider General Electric’s “Food for Thought” Pinterest board. This board offers a huge selection of evergreen content dedicated to helping users understand how food cooks, and how they can prepare it more efficiently using the tenants of science.

Take this pin for example:

Having trouble figuring out which type of evergreen content will get you the furthest on Pinterest? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, but do keep one critical fact in mind: Pinterest users love to DIY. In fact, DIY-themed pins earn 42% more clicks than any other type of pin on the platform.

With this in mind, one of the best Pinterest marketing tactics is to create DIY-focused pins in your industry. Some great examples include the following:

  • How to Build a Blog (In 5 Minutes or Less)
  • How to Re-Finish Your Exterior Deck in a Weekend
  • How to Save $1,000 This Year
  • How to Bathe Your Dog Without Making a Mess

The possibilities are nearly endless, and creating how-to focused evergreen content can help your Pinterest presence thrive for years to come.

2. Develop a Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest offers two account options, individual user accounts and business accounts. If your purpose is to grow your business and enhance your online presence, a business account will be your best bet.

In addition to allowing you to promote individual pins, a business account also offers access to things like “Success Stories,” into how other business are using Pinterest, and a powerful analytics feature to help you determine what’s working and what’s not.

Keep in mind, though, that just having a business account won’t be enough. You’ll also need to optimize it. Here are a few tips for doing that:

  • Keep your business name short and to the point.
    All of the branding on your Pinterest page should be in-line with your branding elsewhere across the web. Don’t add or subtract anything from your business name, and ensure your logo stays the same.
  • Add a succinct business description.
    For an example, consider Patagonia’s Pinterest presence. The company’s description is short, sweet, and moving, and it offers their vision in a nutshell.
     For best results, yours should run along the same lines. If you have long-tail keywords you’re targeting, be sure to add them to your business description here.
  • Verify your site.
    Verifying your site gives your Pinterest presence a bit of extra clout and allows users to see that you’re a legitimate company, not some part-time hack.
  • Start pinning.
    While the possibilities on Pinterest are virtually unlimited, it’s important to keep in mind that the things you pin should be somehow related to your brand mission and target audience. By keeping your pins and boards relevant, you build a consistent brand presence and enhance the likelihood that your users will re-pin your content down the road.

When properly optimized, a Pinterest Business Account can help you boost your online presence and do more business on the platform.

3. Make all of your content easily pinnable

One of the best ways to ensure your content is driving sales and conversion is to add a “Pin it” button to everything you do online. By including this simple little button on all of your website content, you can help drive seamlessness between your site and your Pinterest account, and ensure that your content is enjoying the widest reach possible, thanks to Pinterest’s search feature.

While adding a “Pin it” button may sound like some HTML nightmare, it’s quite simple. There’s a WordPress plugin that makes it easy, or you can just follow Pinterest’s tutorial on how to add the feature to your website.

In addition to allowing for more seamlessness between your online platforms, adding a “Pin it” button to your content can also help boost your traffic and impressions. In fact, Pinterest reports that after the recipe collection site Allrecipes.com added the “Pin it” button to their content, they raked in more than 139 million Pinterest impressions.

Finally, since the “Pin it” button allows you to track the analytics for your various posts, it’s an excellent way to learn what’s working and what’s not in your content.

4. Keep your presence diverse and exciting

Let’s refer to General Electric here, for a moment. While it may seem like an electric appliance company would have a yawn-worthy Pinterest presence, they’ve done a beautiful job of curating a unique, quirky, and personality-rich presence that makes people want to interact with their content in a way they otherwise may not.

Take, for example, their entire board of “Hey, Girl” memes. The board’s description? “Thomas Edison has a crush on you.”

This board is a wild and beautiful place, and users who visit it will find gems like this one:

By taking a somewhat dense and inaccessible topic like electricity and science, and making it funny and accessible, General Electric has done something genius. And it’s probably a large part of the reason the board has more than 18,000 followers.

To enhance your Pinterest presence, use one of the best Pinterest marketing tactics out there: keep your boards diverse, relevant, unique, and exciting.

By building up numerous boards that appeal to your followers, you not only enhance your chances of a re-pin, you also enhance your online presence and give users the impression that your brand is unique and engaging.

For best results, take a page out of G.E.’s book and create custom, branded visual content that makes your users laugh. It may take some extra time, but it will be well worth the effort when you start raking in the traffic and shares.

5. Use rich pins to enhance views and clicks

Rich pins are an exciting new development in the world of Pinterest. Rich pins are pins that offer additional information on a given product, good, or service.

There are six distinct types of rich pins, and they fall into the following categories:

  1. Movie pins: These Rich Pins give users additional information about a movie’s reviews, cast members, and rating.
  2. Place pins: Place pins are Rich Pins that offer the phone number, address, and map information of a business or place.
  3. Article pins: Article pins are a publisher’s dream come true, and feature the content’s headline, as well as information about the author.
  4. App pins: App pins tell users what they want to know about an app’s popularity, use, function, and price.
  5. Product pins: Product pins, some of the most popular Rich Pins, offer information about a product’s price, and provide users with a “buy it now” or “add to cart” button.
  6. Recipe pins: Recipe pins provide a quick overview of the recipe’s ingredients, cook time, and serving information.

Because they offer at-a-glance information that Pinterest users want, Rich Pins can be an excellent way to boost your Pinterest power and provide more value to your followers.

For an example of a Rich Pin, consider the following Rich Pin for Dansko shoes:

In addition to providing the user with the price information, the Rich Pin also allows a simple purchasing button that makes buying the object in question seamless.

Keep in mind that, if you want to use Rich Pins, you’ll need to do a bit of legwork. Installing these pins on your site involves adding some metadata, and applying for the Rich Pin feature. Don’t let these few steps dissuade you, though: about ¼ of people purchase a product after seeing it on Pinterest, and supplying your users with Rich Pins is one highly effective way to streamline that process for them.

6. Showcase your products, goods, or services in their natural environment

One of the most powerful things about Pinterest is that it allows you to showcase your products as they are meant to be applied.

This means that, instead of showing a home good sitting starkly against a white background, you can show it in a person’s home, which allows users to get an idea of what it would look like in their homes.

While Pinterest can be a massively successful place to advertise and demonstrate your items, it’s important to keep in mind that the success of your pins boils down, in large part, to how beautifully you display them.

Because of this, it’s critical to take steps like investing in high-quality photography and learning to stage your products appropriately. In addition to these things, consider pinning the same products in several different places, using different photos and headlines to advertise them.

This helps expand the reach of your various items and ensures that users are seeing them, wherever they may be.

7. Prompt your Pinterest followers to get involved

The rise of user-generated content has been massive in the last few years, and Pinterest has seen more than its fair share.

Today, user-generated content stands out as one of the best Pinterest marketing tactics available to brands, and companies that use it effectively can reap exciting returns.

While, at first glance, it may not seem like many boards feature user-generated content, all you need to do is dig a bit deeper.

For a perfect example, check out Lays’ “Your Moments” board, which features images submitted by the brand’s followers — with or without their products.

By featuring their users, giving them a prime position on a prominent board, and showcasing their product in action all at once, Lays has done something genius here.

With this in mind, take a page out of this brand’s book and create a Pinterest board dedicated to nothing but user-generated content. Encourage your users to submit photos of themselves using your products or interacting with something that relates to your brand.

In addition to helping your customers feel seen, heard, and respected, this simple step can also help you boost your Pinterest presence and build up a successful relationship between your brand and your customers.

If you have any doubt about why user-generated content is one of the smartest Pinterest marketing tactics, just consider this: Sprout Social reports that it is a whopping 50% more trusted, and 35% more memorable than other types of online media.

8. Focus on lifestyle first, products second

While Pinterest can be a perfect place to showcase your products, it shouldn’t’ be used as a straight sales platform. If you do this, you risk alienating your users and coming off as a spammy, cheap business that only wants to push products.

This is not one of the effective Pinterest marketing tactics, and nobody wants this.

With this in mind, seek to go another route.

Instead of using Pinterest to push your products, use it to display the lifestyle your products, goods, or services can facilitate.

Innocent Drinks, a London-based smoothie and juice company, does this beautifully with their “12 Days of Festive Mocktails” board.

While very few of these drinks feature the brand’s products, they showcase the lifestyle (healthy, organic, unique) that the brand’s customers are interested in. This, in turn, keeps it relevant, exciting, and useful for followers.

To boost your Pinterest presence, be sure that you’re focusing on (as expert marketers everywhere say) benefits rather than features.

Because, hey, Pinterest is an incredibly popular platform, and people use it in massive numbers, but the primary reason that many of them migrate to the platform is not to be sold on something: it’s to curate an ideal lifestyle via their favorite boards.

By showcasing the unique features and benefits of the lifestyle your product offers, you can help your followers see your brand’s items as something to enhance their lives, and bring them the lifestyle they’ve always wanted, rather than the product they don’t think they need.

9. Use Pinterest to develop partnerships

While Pinterest is a great place to connect with followers, it’s also an excellent place to connect with other brands. Because of this, developing Pinterest partnerships is one of the most efficient Pinterest marketing tactics out there.

To drive the most possible scope and audience for your pins, get together with Pinterest influencers who have a large following. Invite these users to contribute to a group board that’s relevant to both of your brands.

When you do this, something wonderful happens. The board you both pin to is shared with both of your followers. This enhances the reach of both pinners and makes it easier than ever to go viral on the platform.

Ideal for any company that is launching a new product or service, or simply looking for a way to provide more value to followers, this smart move is an excellent way to use Pinterest to your advantage.

10. Take your Pinterest presence and re-focus it on your fans

Pinterest success isn’t a one-way street. Instead, you need to take some of your online presence and shine it back on your fans. One of the best Pinterest marketing tactics out there is to regularly share pins that feature a shout-out or “thank you” to your fans from around the world.

Ideal for any time you’ve reached new follower numbers, conducted a successful sale, or hit a new milestone, “Thank you” Pins are a great way to prove to your followers that you value them, and to continue building relationships with customers.

Additionally, writing a heartfelt “thank you” post every now and again improves the likelihood that your customers will develop deep bonds with your company, which promotes brand loyalty and helps you secure a spot in the Pinterest hall of fame.

Pinterest Marketing Made Simple: 10 Smart Pinterest Marketing Tactics

While Pinterest is a powerful social platform, learning to use it to boost your business can be tricky. Luckily, these ten tips can help you enhance your Pinterest presence and gain followers all at once.

From sharing user-generated content to promoting the lifestyle your products offer rather than the products themselves, Pinterest is an excellent place to share visions, build relationships, and enhance your online presence.

Used by millions of people around the world, Pinterest is a powerful yet frequently overlooked platform for marketers. By learning to use Pinterest effectively, and getting a feel for the most efficient Pinterest marketing tactics, you can easily expand your online presence, provide more value to your followers, and create a functional vehicle for a positive ROI.

These things, combined with your unique take on the power of the Pinterest platform, have the potential to spell massive positive change for your company.

Originally published at blog.startafire.com on October 31, 2016.

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