New to Marketing Stacks? Here’s What You Need to Know

Marketing stacks have transformed into vital tools for content and marketing professionals, as these marketing stacks contribute towards higher sales and greater returns for businesses online.

A stack is a cluster of technologies utilized by sellers and marketers to effectively manage and enhance their marketing strategies.

It specifically includes the entire business process, the campaign management process and data architecture.

The tools that compose a marketing stack are blogs, press releases, inbound marketing, asset management and analytics for content professionals.

Apart from aiding the marketing process, these marketing stacks are designed to help content marketers address the specific needs of their consumers.

This guide aims to equip content marketers and professionals with some of the best marketing stacks available in the market.

Marketing Stack

The Marketing Stack is a composition of tools and resources to make the process of marketing more efficient for content professionals.

This is a combination of different gadgets to help you find multiple blog resources under one umbrella. In this marketing stack, you can curate your resources to engage with a targeted audience through the tools provided to you.

This stack is very fast and enables you to reach out to a large number of prospective consumers for your website and business.

Content Marketing Stack

Before you begin venturing into content marketing, you need to keep some essentials in mind such as the targeted audience and your mission statement. Content Marketing Stack is a curated directory of content marketing tutorials and resources.

This stack aims to help content professionals excel at productivity and targeted communication as precisely as possible.

It involves aspects of developing a strategy, content research, developing forms, images, and videos.

This Content Marketing Stack is integral to helping content professionals develop thorough resources by doing adequate research.


Stacklist is a list of business tools that will contribute to the success of your business. This Stacklist has been formed through extensive research and development.

The tools that form this Stacklist are formed after adequate surveys and interviews with entrepreneurs across the industry.

Stacklists are categorically designed to meet the needs of people looking to grow their businesses. Some of the categories are HR, customer service, education, marketing and advertising.

There are two models of Stacklists, which are either B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer). You have the opportunity to select the best model based on your specific business needs.


Stacktodo is a combination of easy to use slack apps, web services and bot for Slack. Stacktodo tools can be set in slack, using simple commands.

Some of the tools are SlackDash, which helps you view your favourite channels, across multiple teams.

Invite Bot is another tool that helps you invite new members easily while allowing you to manually or automatically approve them.

The form Bot helps bring enquiries from a website or app directly into slack.

A link bot helps you share everything you want with any team that you desire.

The Freelance Stack

The Freelance Stack is a combination of tools that are designed to assist freelancers in a myriad of genres.

Freelancers are helped with designing images, finding fonts, accounting, choosing colours and much more.

A freelance stack helps a freelancer begin everything related to his/her business from scratch — from being assisted in finding work to keeping a track of time and finally to being paid for the work completed.

This stack also helps you keep in touch and network with other freelancers who are in a line similar to yours.

The resources to manage your freelance business are vast, so the Freelance Stack aims to help you in your quest to choose the best possible resources for your business.

The PR Stack

The PR Stack helps to manage the concept of your public relations more effectively. This includes everything from media relations and influencer relations to news announcements, advocacy and community engagements.

These tools help you in your pursuit of assessing your work and motivate you to make the necessary changes to your business strategy, if necessary.

This stack assists you with he tools you need to formalize your goals, so that you can balance them based on your needs.

This stack also provides some tools to help you automate some of your PR tasks.

For instance, emailing people for sharing your blog information or sending a press release to your target audience through certain automated tools are now possible with marketing stacks like the PR stack.

The PR Stack enables you to direct your energies to aspects that are more important in the world of public relations.

The Traction Stack

The Traction Stack is a highly curated collection of marketing resources that help you attract customers for your business.

This Traction Stack is an excellent starting point for new businesses and startups because it helps you acquire new customers without much difficulty.

Tools that are part of a traction stack are blog targeting, unconventional PR, publicity, offline ads, search engine marketing, display ads, affiliate programs, community building, trade shows and much more.

This traction stack also helps you manage the costs of customer acquisition.

Bonus Marketing Stacks: The Web Development Stack

The Web Development Stack helps you to build websites, logos, videos, resumes, and much more for the benefit of your business.

This stack offers web apps that help you find out how CSS has an impact on page speed and performance.

Some web development Tools available are Tweakstyle — helping you in web design.

You also have access to tools like Codeply Responsive Design Editor, which assists you in developing responsive designs.

This web development stack enables you to make the concept of web marketing more effective and engaging with your consumers.

Final Thoughts

While there are a myriad of different marketing stacks available in the market for content professionals, it is vital for content marketers and professionals to skill themselves with using them effectively to transform the way they do business.

For this reason, adequate training is required, so that you choose and use the right stack for your specific business needs.

The effectiveness of a stack will depend on the skill and knowledge of the person or business using it.

Originally published at on April 19, 2016.

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