Urgency and the recruitment process — what’s the rush?

Here at Start Monday, we wanted to share our own observations when it comes to the issue of recruitment in the Irish Motor Industry. Compared to only a few years ago, the landscape has totally changed.

There is an expectation among some dealerships that, through a reliance on their own networks and through the utilisation of job sites, they are going to attract the ideal candidate. More and more, we are working with dealers who have come to the realisation that top candidates, for the most part, will not under any circumstances apply for a job through a jobs board nor will they approach a dealership directly to discuss a vacancy.

The reasons for this are clear. The Irish Motor Industry is a village. While 45,000 people work in the sector, it’s still an incredibly connected environment and the fear among senior candidates when it comes to their existing employer getting wind of their application is often too much to bear, resulting in Hiring Managers missing out on an array of talent.

Quality over Quantity

Some of the feedback we receive from companies often refers to the fact that they have received ‘almost 100 CVs for the role’ and that on this occasion, they don’t need any assistance from an external agency to help fill that position. Often, that same company reaches back out to us a number of weeks later following an assessment of the quality of the CVs they received, only to find that the vast majority were inappropriate for the role.

One of the more interesting observations is that among the most recognisable brands within our industry, there is a belief that because of their brand recognition and strong online presence, simply advertising a role will have the desired outcome of attracting suitably qualified candidates. While there will always be exceptions to the rule, the reality is that irrespective of the brand, be they a large top 5 distributor or an independent retailer, there is an equivalent sense of reticence and fear among candidates, who are currently in employment, to apply for a vacancy.

The assertion from these businesses that by simply having a high volume of candidates automatically results in finding the right candidate is simply misguided and ill-judged.

We can understand why businesses utilise tools such as jobs boards in order to cast their net far and wide but this approach, while impressing senior management with applicant metrics, falls short when it comes to sourcing the right candidate.

Senior candidates

The vast majority of recruitment we now conduct both in Ireland and abroad is done on an executive search basis. The level of client we deal with means that they must be guaranteed to have their confidentiality protected at all times throughout the recruitment process. Given their seniority and the fact that many of our clients are in active employment within the industry, without having this layer of confidentiality supporting a sensitive approach to a business on their behalf, they are likely to remain in situ and not even contemplate a move. Needless to say, this immediately rules out the use of jobs boards and/or direct applications for specific vacancies.

I’m sure there are some people reading this saying, ”you’re a recruitment agency, you would say all of that, wouldn’t you” but speak to any hiring manager within the industry at the moment about the difficulties they face when it comes to finding senior talent and I’m sure they will verify the above.


We’ve highlighted some of the issues that have inhibited the ability of companies within our industry to identify top talent. However, there is a solution. Hiring managers need to come to terms with the fact that the Irish Motor Industry is a unique animal; given how interconnected we all are. Partnering with an industry-specific recruitment specialist therefore can offer you invaluable insights to help you navigate our industry’s hidden candidate market.

By partnering with a specialist agency in this manner, a company can greatly reduce the typical recruitment timeline, ensuring that they hire the right candidate at the right time and in line with market salaries.

The time to act is now

It’s almost October and with lengthy recruitment processes including multiple interview rounds, minimum 4 week notice periods, complex compensation and benefits negotiation along with managing the inevitable counter-offer from existing employers, together, all result in an extremely narrow window of opportunity for you to hire senior candidates in advance of the busy January period ahead.

We are busy right now assisting dealerships to put the right team in place for the peak sales month of January. Leaving your recruitment any later than the month of October puts you at risk of being unable to hire anyone, particular given pre-orders among your sales teams.

Those who hesitate are lost…

This post originally appeared on the Start Monday recruitment blog

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