Experimental Shit


I’ve got all winter (all the damn winter) to do the the soap carvings I’ve been putting off, and to duck out to the tavern for a few games of darts and I wish you all the luck and a good time to get those internet comments out. I hope all of your critical theory informed feelings are at least 93% upvoted and I hope my affinity for making bomb-ass iced tea returns in the meantime.

Go take the argument to the Obama-fearing TAXCPA from Newark who’ll have you know he graduated with honors from WVA (pbuh) and queercore it up like garbage time like the worst fucking pokemon in PoGo on SoCo in SoHo with Kaley Cuoco and borrowed cigarettes.

hehe omg #teamshrew

thankgod its over

thankgod its over

I hit the deck at the first crack of thunder early in the storm like the alchemy’s all gone and it’s worth being sporadically generous if it gets you to the church on time (oh, I’ll go there). I’ll get Nutrisystem on speed dial and sit at a distance of exactly 1 light-meme from Nth-wave y-ism.

keep the knife, I'll use my teeth

I'll come back when you come the fuck on with the Dom Perignon that you've been saving for a special occasion then we'll grow audibly like kudzu and explode like we flayed our own skin and save space for the hangover you're bringing back

Literally no one behaves that way & to those memebers in the audience that would accuse me of namedropping, what would be the point when the name's irrelevant in the first place? Dress up those words in the Salon best and present them like they matter.

My grandfather called cologne "foo foo juice". Imagine that.

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