The Sometimes Things

“Do you like movies?”

I mean, I enjoy the experience of seeing the work of directors, writers, actors, camerafolk, technicians, assistants, and the money of a studio come together in an exciting or moving film. Could I identify Ryan Gosling, Tom Hiddleston, or Jake Gyllenhaal in a lineup? Doubtful.

Can I express displeasure with an overwritten and over saturated piece where characters behave inconsistently? Am I called to defend the author on artistic freedom alone?

I’d envisioned myself as having a sort of contrarian-at-a-distance attachment to even the things I like… sometimes.

“Are you political?”

Life circumstances change. You make more money, maybe less. You could get a job or lose one and suddenly all of those things that weren’t important before like health insurance and rent prices are very important. Now. Have I been charting the trajectory of gay rights in America for the past 20 years? Not really, but it’s always been my understanding that GSMs are entitled to the same rights and freedoms as I am.

“Do you like wine?”

I could go on, really.

I’ve observed, over the past 15 years or so, fads come and go, and come to terms with the fact that my own tastes wax and wane. Maybe it was never about poker, motorcycles, DIY, tattoos, parkour, BJJ, reality cooking shows, flannel, OWS, investment properties, fantasy sports, Twilight, teen divas, Glee, Pillow Pets, comic books, comic book movies, comic book video games, superdelegates, stand-your-ground laws, mortgage-backed securities, mojitos, electric cars, BPAs, free range, fair trade, Final Fantasy, podcasts, common core, common courtesy, did I miss anything?

I was born with a limited amount of attention. Did you get some of it? Yes? Congratulations.


Better luck next time.