A poem about reserving headspace

I came for bad reasons


my bent glasses


I play the same chord,

you work the same store,

What do I think of you every day for?

Dragon time


A feast of long pauses

It’s the year of the primate and maybe I’m aching. I’m made of May days and heydays and I trust the deadbolt. It’s made of better things.

I’m standing in a puddle with sugar feet and to say I’m falling apart would be overstating the case.

I’m just playing Candy Crush in my head when they’re talking and I’m waiting for the next date for the next puzzle for the next calendar month.

Then I'm gonna put it down. I'm San Destin cool and I'm lying through my teeth.

I'm in love baby love

American Girl

American contraceptives and all

I am drinking and I am monologuing it…


That’s enough for the self awareness-


Back to the juice, Thuy.

Let me tell you all the things I think and you will nod and where are you going?

I've only just started!

This is how all good things must go. First comes the teeth grinding then comes the beef quesadilla then comes the angry email exchange then comes the bare asses then comes the Melissa Etheridge.

I draw you in then breathe you out then put letters where the silhouette would've gone.

A spiritual mise en place if you will.

I'm waking up, Thuy.

I'm going for a midmorning run and you're welcomed to come, along with the rest of my imagination.

Drum circle eyes, Tokyo feet. Closed circuit TV like loss prevention. God I wish I had some of that.

I think I'll write about it.

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