Online Tuxedo Rental Options

The fact is- men just don’t like to shop! The crowds can be intimidating, it is super boring, and who likes to waste time to try clothes on. Your wedding day is no different, although the groom has no choice but to purchase or rent a tux he will not be so happy during the process. Brides & Grooms- there is a solution that is convenient, painless and super easy! The online Tuxedo rental options may be scary and intimidate you, but it’s no different than you shopping on Rent the Runway, this concept is now available to grooms purchasing their suit or wedding tux.

The perks are endless, you can order swatches from all of the vendors listed here to get an idea of the quality before moving forward and to ensure they are a perfect match with the wedding colors, including the bridesmaid’s dresses. Ordering online means you get the tux one to two weeks earlier compared to retailers where you get them a day or two before the wedding. Another great benefit is the convenience factor if something does not fit, replacements for jackets and pants is easy, just a quick phone call away and within days, a replacement is at your doorstep. This is the perfect solution for a bridal party that does not live in the same town or sometimes even the same state and will ensure the men have the same look because they are ordering the same thing- talk about reassuring the bride!

The cost ranges from $95 to $140 before extras like cufflinks, shirts, socks and shoes with two-way shipping included, which is far below the market price. Expect to budget $200 for the rental or purchase. In just 15 minutes you can build your perfect tuxedo and e-mail the bridal party and track their progress. From styling to measuring, everything is done online and more importantly in the comfort of your own home and not having to miss a beat of that football game!

The Black Tux’s tuxedo rental prices range from $95 to $120 depending on the style and before all the extras which is far more competitive than the other vendors. You can actually rent a tux for as low as $60! The suit is made from 150s merino wool versus the 80s wool blends offered by many national renters.

When Gorge Zimmerman got kicked out of Men’s Warehouse (MW) he started Generation Tux as he noticed a market that MW had not entered. When placing the order on Generation Tux you enter your measurements into the website and the tailors will customize each garment before it is mailed out. The main difference from the competitors listed, and the biggest perk is that alterations are provided by zTailors (Zimmerman’s other online company) assuring you have a custom fit and look perfect on your special day!

Menguin has the process down and it is no joke. Just like the others, so long as you have your measurements, you are in for a treat. The shipping box and packaging are clever and fun but also has a strategic purpose- it’s unique shape and size guarantees that the product will arrive wrinkle free. Book two months prior to your wedding day and be confident that you will look super dapper! When you are done, jam it back in the box, slap their label on it and forget about it, they cover the rest.

An alternative to renting the tux you have the option to own a custom tux with this online retailer that is trying to break the mold. Combatant Gentleman cuts out the brick and mortar and all of the middlemen. Think of them as an off-the-rack menswear e-commerce brand featuring seven different tuxedo offerings at $200 a piece. At this price point, the brand is perfect as a gift for the groomsmen.

Originally published at on March 21, 2016.