Unique Bridal Shower Ideas

It can be overwhelming enough to plan the wedding, but then there is the bridal shower and the possibilities are endless. It is a great opportunity to be able to execute a vision that is the complete opposite of the wedding- whether it is colors used, the concept of a shower or even the activities during the shower- you have another moment to create your perfect vision.

Let’s face it, showers can be boring and most are typically the same, a couple of hours of eating, drinking, socializing and opening gifts. So why not think about entertaining guests in a way in which they leave talking about it for months and anticipating the wedding that much more.

Having your guests interact in a way that keeps them occupied is definitely a challenge, but here are a couple of clever ideas to host a perfect shower!

Waffle & Pancake Bar

If you want to host a perfect brunch then waffles and pancakes are a must! Instead of just having the waffles in a chafing dish display them featuring a gourmet waffle bar where guests can go from station to station and put their favorite toppings on, whether savory or sweet. You can compliment this with a gourmet coffee bar featuring fresh ground beans on site, a variety of syrup flavors and options like a macchiato or café latte! Imagine how your guests will feel when they have their very own personal barista to top off their macchiato.

Donut Bar

Candy bars are nothing new but changing it out with elements like a donut, popcorn or pretzel station is still not something everyone has quite seen. Whether it’s a New York themed shower and having a pretzel station is quintessential or having guests be able to have donut skewers and grab a flavored coffee, the choice becomes their own!

Popcorn Bar

It doesn’t have to end there- hosting a girl’s night versus brunch allows you to get creative with food elements, such as having a popcorn station or even a movie night with a gourmet s’mores bar! Arranging different flavors of corn in beautiful wicker baskets with cute labels allows guests to fill up a bag (that can personalized too) with unlimited toppings ranging from cheese to chocolate. The s’mores bar is the same concept- remember have fun with this and it will shine through to your guests!

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Entertaining guests goes way beyond just having amazing food and beverage stations — Something that continues to grab the crowd’s attention is painting palettes while sipping wine. Ladies get to socialize but also get to paint a themed picture that you chose! Maybe it’s a painting themed around the wedding day like the ocean to incorporate where you will tie the knot or maybe it’s the Eiffel Tower to represent the most romantic place on earth, whatever you choose you have the ability to make this meaningful for you and also bring something of meaning to your guests. The best part is your loved ones leave with a great gift!

Deluxe Perfume Kit from Amazon

What better way to have a get together with the ladies then making their very own perfume! This is very common to do in Europe at perfumeries but very rare to see in the states! Different oils, aromatics, and scents will fill the room and definitely have your guests talking. Plus they leave with a perfect personalized gift just for them! Vetiver Aromatics has plenty of kits and extras to create a perfect perfumery in your home and you can even by the starter kits on Amazon!

Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

If you are obsessed with flowers like I am or having a garden party you can host a Flower Arranging Party! Who doesn’t love a gorgeous bouquet filled with roses, hydrangeas, or tulips just to name a few? Imagine your girlfriends leaving the shower with their very own luscious floral arrangement that they curated! Having a flower bar set up is the perfect way to entertain the ladies while also being able to spend quality time with them. Selecting the most beautiful colors, satin ribbons, or even glass vases and funky jars to display it in allows your guests to match their own unique style. You can have a local florist come in to teach the ladies how to properly make an arrangement or you can host it by purchasing all of the flowers, accessories and container options.

My personal favorite:

If your girlfriend’s love having a good time and are always ready for a good laugh hosting a comedian at the shower is sure to leave your guests walking out the door with an ear to ear smile! The comedian can be themed for the occasion and cater to any age or the jokes can be as dirty as you want! This will also break up the time and reserve gifts to be opened by the bride and groom in private.

Originally published at www.borrowednewandblue.com on March 21, 2016.

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