We Gonna Share BP Proceeds with You - This Is the Way We Warm You Up in This “Winter”!

The price of the cryptocurrencies has made many people realize that there is only a ray of distance from the peak to the bottom.

The “winter” of cryptocurrencies has come.

How much faith do you left to have?

Once, we are part of this revolutionary technology and ecology that can subvert the tradition, change the world.

Now, Starteos is still gonna stay with YOU, our most important and best friends! And we gonna share the proceeds with you and make through the difficulties together.

EOS mining, real-time EOS revenue.

Starteos knows that recently,many people’s assets has shrinked sharply.

In order to let our loyal wallet users be able to be fearless and worry-free in the cold “winter”, after our internal discussion, we decided to share the proceeds with you.

“Starteos” wallet App just launched a new function - -[EOS mining]

What is EOS mining?

There are two kinds of revenues you could get from [EOS mining], one is the “mining” revenue , the other is the “game” revenue.

“Mining” revenue mode (stable income):

After delegating Starteos.io as proxy, you could get continuous and stable EOS revenue.

“Game” revenue mode (random revenue):

After delegating Starteos.io as proxy, you could get the corresponding amount of general game tokens, and can play [Lucky Fruit Slots Machine] with game tokens to get EOS revenue.

Later on, “Starteos” wallet app will release more games, including H5 roulette games, horse racing games, large-scale real-time strategy games. Stay tuned~

Next, let’s “dig into” these two “mining” modes and explore what treasures are hidden behind[EOS mining]!

[EOS mining — “game” mode]

  1. Enter”Discover ”section, click【EOS mining】

2. Enter 【EOS mining】page — 【Game Revenue Mode】 — 【Select】,enter【EOS mining — Game Mode】

In the【EOS mining — Game Mode】page, you could see:

1. The total revenue of game tokens

2. Total votes number

3. Total amount of prize pools

The details of all the data are clearly displayed, making it easy for users to manage their own revenue assets.

In the【EOS mining — Game Mode】page:

Users can directly open [Lucky Fruit Slots Machine].

You can also click on [transfer votes] to delegate Starteo.io as proxy to get the general game tokens. The amount of votes can be set by yourself.)

【EOS mining — Mining Mode】

  1. Enter【EOS Mining】 — 【Mining Revenue Mode】 — 【Select】,enter【EOS Mining-Mining Mode】

If you are an user who has played [Lucky Fruit Slots Machine] before, when you enter [EOS Mining], it will automatically switch to [EOS Mining-Game Mode].

If you want to enter [EOS Mining — Mining Mode], you need to follow these steps:

(1) Click [Switch to EOS Revenue] — [Confirm Switch] — [OK] (Starteos will request your permission, click “OK”)

Please note: Switch to EOS revenue, the voting account will continuously receive the prize pool rebate, and the Starteos game token revenue will be immediately suspended.

(2) Enter wallet password — [Confirm], switch successfully.

Please note: If you want to switch from [EOS mining-mining mode] to [EOS mining-game mode], the steps are the same as above.

In the [EOS Mining — Mining Mode] page, it shows:

1. EOS total revenue

2. Unsettled revenue

3. Total amount of votes

In the [Revenue Record] page, it shows:

Revenue Record

Users can directly vote for Starteos.io by clicking [Transfer votes] to obtain continuous EOS revenue.

Please note:

Unsettled EOS revenues are issued every morning at 10:00.

The EOS revenue is calculated in real time, and the revenue details are updated in real time on the page.

Don’t be hesitated anymore, try it out!

Starteos has been adhering to the vision of “contributing to the EOS community; promoting the development of the blockchain industry; improving the overall structure of the company; and doing our utmost to fulfill the responsibility of the national society”.

Starteos really hopes that every user can learn and grow in the EOS ecosystem.

Nowadays, the whole industry is in the “cold winter”, Starteos vows to help users make it through, we developed the EOS mining function for users to have daily EOS revenue. In fact, the revenue comes from the BP proceeds. Sharing the proceeds of the BP with users could show our determination and confidence on EOS. The expenses of labor and servers are all borne by Starteos temporarily.

Users could not only gain revenue through mining mode, but also gain revenue through game mode. EOS mining mode is simple,stable and with nice revenue; the game mode maybe be more profitable and fun to play. Since we offer idle games, there is no loser in the game world of Starteos, .

Also, we wanna share with you the perspective of our our CEO Leo Li on this. The launch of the games.eos is an active attempt and exploration to the development of EOS ecosystem. ALL the proceeds of games.eos will be shared with users.The original intention is as follows:

Firstly is to bring the users of blockchain technology a more enjoyable experience.

Secondly is to allow users to get benefits from BP proceeds and stimulate more people to participate in the voting process.

Thirdly is to combine voters, BPs and games together, the voters get the entertainment experience while earning revenue, BP continues to transfer proceeds into the loop, the game companies attract more users to participate in the ecosystem, jointly forming a more properous EOS ecosystem.

The reason we doing all this is that Starteos has enough confidence on the EOS ecosystem.

Because of you, those who still sticks to the EOS ecosystem, we have hope and tomorrow.

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