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Five Ideas for Harley-Davidson Lover on Your List.

It’s that time of year again. Your bike is on lockdown for the winter (maybe!) and it’s time to get your Christmas shopping done. If you’re a Harley-Davidson rider, or know somebody that is, chances are you’re part of a tight community of motorcycle enthusiasts, or have a spouse, relative or close friend who rides. Stop buying them HD t-shirts and give the Harley fanatic in your life one of these five unique gift ideas for two-wheeled nuts.

1. Light It Up

LED headlights and tail lights are a lot brighter than standard incandescent lamps and have a superior glow to them. Compared to the jaundice yellow of traditional halogen bulbs, LED lights produce a “Daytime Color Impression” that appears more natural to the user and makes a bike look sharper when it’s cruising down the highway

2. Get a Share

A unique gift for a Harley-Davidson lover is an actual share of stock to their favorite company. They can actually become a true stockholder of Harley-Davidson and receive an authentic, handsomely framed stock certificate and all of the perks bondholders are entitled to.

3. The Key to a Harley

Give the timeless and practical gift of a custom made Harley-Davidson emblem key fob that is set on a sturdy, sleek leather base. The fob also includes a split-ring for more keys and a carabineer that snaps securely to belt loops or wallets. This classic gift is sure to stand the test of time.

4. For Her

If you have a female rider in your life, surprise her with some bling. Harley-Davidson produces an entire line of gorgeous jewelry, from glittery skull necklaces to V-twin motor rings. Every time she dolls herself up in jewels, she’ll remember how much she loves the open road and wind in her hair, as well as you for getting her such a stellar gift.

5. Practical Apparel

Not riding your bike but still want to show your love for your bike? A classic Harley-Davidson chronograph watch or a sophisticated leather wallet is both great gifts for practical Harley lovers. The silver watch will keep them on time for appointments and the full-grain leather wallet with raw-edge construction will keep their cash safe.

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