Stumble on the Road Less Traveled

A man, and an ingeniously crude one at that, once said, “Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”

Just two short weeks ago, and with my favorite Oscar Wilde quote scrawled across my graduation cap (as expected for any English major), I moved my “Class of 2014” adorned tassel from right to left. It was the most anticipated moment of my life, lasting all of two seconds, that symbolized the end of an epic four year journey and the beginning of my “real” life.

Contrary to my cap, I’ll be honest when I say I haven’t always been friendly to the unknown. For a good chunk of my collegiate career I justified my ambiguous major with a hard earned LSAT score and dream of becoming a lawyer. I use dream loosely here, because my presupposed future of courtroom drama and redlining contracts never looked that bright.The path to law school was comfortably consistent with my major, but it was completely out of tune with my true passions. In January I made the leap and cofounded CollegeVox, a media and marketing agency, trading in my exhausted law school dream for a future of uncertainty, risk and failure.

My journey with CollegeVox has redefined what it means to feel uncertain, to take risks and embrace failure. The unpredictability of startup life that once crippled my ambition is the same unpredictability that motivates me to keep moving forward.

And with that, Oscar’s words have never felt more true. Choose inconsistency and give power to your imagination. Dare to build your dreams.


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