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I can work during my productive hours, how I want to, and connect with other professionals, with less competition in my workspace- if you can’t affirm those to yourself, then something is off. Reports from various research on the success rate of persons working out of shared workspaces in recent times have shown that there has been a vast increase in the success reported by shared workspace users. Similarly, individuals in traditional offices are beginning to express levels of objection towards the conventional setup.

Traditional workspace may never become a relic-concept, but in the fewest years to come, shared workspaces would be a mainstream concept. …

A yellow umbrella standing out from a collection of black umbrellas. Text: Choosing the perfect Co-Founder.
A yellow umbrella standing out from a collection of black umbrellas. Text: Choosing the perfect Co-Founder.

If you must, then you must find the perfect person — your other half. Ugh…No! I’m not musing about finding your one true love for a forever happily-ever-after. I’m talking about finding the right co-founder for your startup venture or partner for your business.

You are or perhaps still brainstorming some startup ideas. That’s so cool. Starting a venture from scratch up can be very difficult and also very demanding.

Do you believe finding a co-founder would be a great move for you and your startup? That’s awesome!

Finding a co-founder for your startup can equally be a challenging feat. But with the right person as co-founder, your venture could be heading in the right direction and with the right motivation. Having the wrong person as co-founder would certainly dampen progress. In more dire situations, the wrong choice of co-founder could lead to the death of a startup. And that, you and certainly no one would want. So there goes the big question: How do you choose the right person?

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What makes the big difference between successful pitches and the significantly failed others? Before you dive in on this one, grab yourself a cup of tea, coffee, or a soda, perhaps. I really would love you to be relaxed and comfortable for the pitch.

A pitch is mainly a presentation to investors to share business ideas. The target of a pitch depends on the goal of the pitch. A pitch to sell a product would be to users. For startup funding, the target would be VCs and angel investors.

I would take a huge guess that you are interested in the latter.

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If you are a part of the tech community (especially the Start Innovation Hub community ), then you would have heard the word “startup” more times than you might care to remember. Is it a thing or just a chic way of referring to a business?

What makes a startup a startup, and what defines a small business? Rather than use too many lines that would sound downright pitchy to you (like I’m trying to sell you an old IBM PC in 2019), let’s get right to it — the definitions of a startup and a small business.

What a Startup is

Ideally, a startup is a venture with tech solutions built on a new (developing) replicable business model requiring constant high-end funding and a need for fast growth. …


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