Startup law had initially been created in 2017 to ease the financial burden and help startups grow fast. However, in a total of four years, only five companies have qualified to the criteria that the law had initially stated. Based on research that was conducted in 2019, only 14% of…

Crowdsourced Advice from Latvian Startup Association Members

After the turbulent first months of the year, startups are bracing for both opportunities and uncertainties. Latvian Startup Association “Startin.LV” joined forces with local startups and investors and summarised learnings that helped other companies weather the storm.

Here are 9 practical tips you can apply to your startup today!


1. Reducing salaries


On March 26, Latvian Startup Association “Startin.LV” with the support of the Ministry of Economics hosted a workgroup session various with founders and investors: Janis Rozenblats (Chairman of the Board of “Startin.LV”, Founder of Mailigen), Agnese Veckalne (Head of Operations of Edurio), Diana Lace (CEO of “Startin.LV”), Petr Antropov (Co-founder…

Riga Venture Summit 2020, which aims to promote cooperation between representatives of the Baltic startup ecosystems and to exchange of experience in the field of startup policy with a view to promoting the necessary changes at the national level, will be held in Riga in the middle of February. …

On January 9, the board of Latvian Startup association “Startin.LV” hosted their first workgroup on the topic “Talent acquisition, education, and retention challenges and solutions for the Baltic States”. The workgroup brought together the driving forces of the Latvian startup community and members of “Startin.LV”. The identified issues will be…

Entrepreneurship is a tough game from day one. From finding your first paying customers and attracting investors to scaling, hiring and expanding to other markets — building a business comes with a lot of challenges.

But here’s the good news:
In Latvia, there are several state-provided support mechanisms to help you…

As a small nation of less than 2 million people, Latvia can take pride in many things. The backhand of Anastasija Sevastova, all 2.21 meters of Kristaps Porzingis, a profound song and dance culture that unites hundreds of thousands, and even providing WiFi on Mount Everest to name a few.

This article can be considered as the ultimate guide for non-EU citizens, but it will be useful for anyone who are willing to establish their business in Latvia.

Latvia is often chosen as the starting point to reach the European market — and for many reasons.
It’s a member state of the European Union and the eurozone which means free mobility of goods and labor. …

We gathered a list of the best startup opportunities for May/June 2019, that offers a variety of competitions and accelerators for startups in Europe!

🚀 Competitions, incubators and accelerators

1. Elevate: The Growth Accelerator
About: a free virtual accelerator 4 week program consisting of eight 1-hour sessions designed to help early-stage startups learn the principles of…

Welcome to our list of the best startup opportunities for March/April 2019, offering variety of great competitions, accelerators and events for startups in Latvian and beyond! Are you ready to accelerate your startup to the next level?

🚀 Competitions, incubators and accelerators

1. PowerUp! 2019 competition
Industry: energy, cleantech, mobility, cybersecurity and smart city
Prize: financial awards…

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