Coffee Headaches: How I Overcame The Incurable Pain

Hi Ann. I love that your sons held you accountable. And that you paid attention. I was wondering if you might add something about how you felt in that minute, when the boys were questioning your decision to have a cup of coffee? How about what you thought or replied to each one of their (good, sensible) questions? I like the use of percolating to describe what you were thinking. I also wonder of “guilt” is the right word to describe your reaction. Maybe unpack that a bit. Why guilt? You also say that quitting had side effects. What were the positive ones? Did your energy level increase after you went through the initial withdrawal? What were some of the other benefits? How about all of that money you no longer spend on coffee? Breath smells better? I look forward to reading more. And I think it is very interesting to talk about how you learned something in life from your sons! Ann

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