Mimi Makes A Million
James Altucher

Hi. This essay is well written, and thorough. Great description of how Mimi had an idea, were resourceful, made money. I liked your descriptions of how Mimi does her thing on her videos. I also liked the emphasis on loving what you are doing to make money. Excellent recap of how these two people made it, by examining their passions and their methods. If I may offer a few questions for you to consider to make this piece a bit more focused? The intro is interesting, but you don;t develop those ideas throughout the peice. Someone once told me to write down anything just to get going, and when I had completed the writing, to delete the first paragraph. I found it to be good advice. How would you feel about deleting the last three short paragraphs? You’ve done such a good job with the main theme…discussing the success of Mimi, and those last couple of lines don;t relate to what you told us in the preceding paragraphs. Maybe those are the first lines of your next post?

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