Starting a StartingBloc Blog

StartingBloc exists because of a deep conviction that together, we can build systems that enable the planet and one another to thrive.

In system building, people matter. Culture is set by people and impact is created by people. This is why we stand by the fact that Leadership matters.

Now and in the future, for the good of all collective life, we must be led by leadership that operates from a place of self-awareness, maturity, competence, and connection.

That’s where we see our work come in. StartingBloc exists to convene, support and grow the leaders our future needs.

We offer training on cutting-edge content around growth and innovative leadership.

We connect a global community of purpose-driven professionals. We must do this work in community; the value of our work is amplified through connection.

We award coaching to support those most pivotal transitions in a leader’s journey.

We then tie it all together with a variety of pathways for leaders to continuously stay connected, and be resourced and supported over the long-haul.

Welcome to the StartingBloc Blog, where we chronicle the stories of transformation, of impact, and of powerful belonging that we hear and witness from the StartingBloc Community.

This is the StartingBloG.

Shared words from a Fellow