It’s because I’m Human, not because I’m a Millennial.

I’m sure, like many others, you’ve noticed the recent growth of sharing and on-demand economics. Everything we could ever want and need is in the palm of our hands, at out disposal — and more directly, at the click of a button. Literally. You can now order household products through Amazon Prime with their new “dash” buttons.

Click this button and BAM! you have laundry detergent at your door. You didn’t even have to leave the house.

It doesn’t stop there. Need a ride? Uber. Need food? UberEATS. Need a friend? HouseParty. Need a place to stay? AirBnB. Need a date? Tinder. The list goes on — y0u can now even hire people with a tinder-like UX on Hirewire and pay off your student debt without thinking twice about it, with Qoins.

Don’t get me wrong, all of this is Great, capital G. In the world we live and work in today, I don’t have time to casually date or go home to cook dinner every night and if you live in the city (most of the time) it is easier to stay in for the evening rather than look for a place to park. So, now we have all these things to make life easier and do you know what that does for us? Makes us lazy.

All of these things are types of “instant gratification” and it doesn’t stop with food delivery and ride-sharing. If we are feeling low (or maybe just need to some social reassurance) we can head over and post a picture to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. With every “like” the flows in as we refresh periodically, the more dopamine that is released, and chemically speaking — the happier we feel. The point is: we get what we want, when we want it and 9/10 times we didn’t even have to work for it. So now what happens when it comes to things we actually have to work for, like building meaningful connections and climbing to the top of a corporate latter? It doesn’t happen at the snap of the finger, we grow disappointed (or bored), and so we give up & move on to the next thing.

I am guilty of doing this. I am so impatient. But lets get one thing straight — it’s not because I’m a millennial, but because I’m human.

I’ve heard a lot of things lately about how millennials are lazy and expect things to be handed to us. Honestly, I feel over-worked and like I don’t get enough sleep last night but if that’s what you think, so be it.

The truth is that we are just subjected to impatience brought on by these forms of instant gratification. We were raised in these sharing and on-demand economies and so our brains (due to chemical release) have become addicted to instant gratification and in turn has made us impatient.

We, millennials, are budding in fast-paced environments and therefore expect fast-paced results. Doesn’t seem like much to ask. However, we should all take a step back and recognize that things take time and remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Granted if Rome was built today, it would happen much faster with the many advancements we’ve made in technology, architecture, and construction — but that’s beyond the point (or is it?).

There is so much to be learned and most of it can only be learned with experience, over time. Take a chill pill, smell the roses, and remember that “good things come to those who wait”.