Catchme, the new Slovak app that makes sure you’re never alone. Unless you want to, of course.

It seems that in the past few years, we’re found out how online communication can be a relationship killer. It also seems that some of us have gotten tired of it altogether, and want a bit of an old-school approach — meeting people face to face. And that’s precisely where Catchme comes in.

Do you ever just feel like talking to someone, while maybe not having any of your friends close by? You’d want to hang out, chill, chit-chat, but no one’s available. Since you don’t want to wander away from the personal experience into the virtual world (again), and if you also happen to be adventurous and not afraid of trying out new things, you might want to check out Catchme.

Catchme is a challenger. Literally. It lets you publish a challenge to the people nearest to you who are currently logged into the app. If they feel like it, they accept your challenge and have the next thirty minutes to complete it — to find you, the original challenger. Once they get close enough to you (10 meters), you are both notified, hopefully notice each other, and your meet up starts! And it’s only up to the two how the meeting proceeds.

Catchme doesn’t only have to be used to get together by random strangers. Besides the so-called individuals’ mode, there’s also the business mode, which lets businesses attract new customers. Restaurants, cafes, clubs, commercial places — anything, really. They send out their challenges, and if someone completes it, they get a reward. This can be a discount, a product for free, or an extra gift to your usual purchase. By giving new (or old) customers the chance to engage in an entertaining way of cooperation and rewarding, these businesses become more likeable and increase people’s awareness about themselves.

“You’ll never feel alone again…”

To give you an example, a local café in Olomouc, Czech Republic, has already tried Chatchme out. As a reward for those who’ve completed their challenge, it offered ice-cream for people who ordered wine at their place. Not sure if that’s the ideal combination, but it does set an example. Olomouc is mostly where Catchme challenges take place as of now, having only been launched two weeks ago. But it’s expected to move further to other Czech and Slovak cities soon. And then beyond, if proven successful.

Catchme is Michal Šnajdar’s brainchild. He was inspired to create it after he moved to a new town and wished to meet new people and make friends. He soon found out how much he didn’t like purely virtual friendship, and how hard it is to get people out there. So he decided to motivate them. People love to play and people usually also like adventures. Why not mix these things together and make new friends? Eventually, Michal’s colleagues, Jindřich Dvouletý and Vladimír Klimant joined in, taking care of the tech aspects and marketing strategies, respectively.

Their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Recently, the team has won a local award Podnikavá hlava from the VTP University Palacky in Olomouc. Soon, the boys moved to their new offices in the VTP UP grounds and they never cease to work on improving their app and their challenges. It’s really one big challenge for them.

Catchme introduced an interesting concept — trying to help eradicate the social network addictions by creating a new social network, but this one seems to be on the right track. So if you feel intrigued and are interested in meeting new people personally, you should definitely give Catchme a shot. You may make a new friend or a customer! Create your own challenges, accept others’, and don’t forget your mouth is not only meant for eating. It’s also very useful for speaking, so let’s make a use of it!