A Look Back At The Best Moments From StartJLM 2018

Last week, 20 entrepreneurs from the life science sectors gathered in Jerusalem for #StartJLM. This 7-day startup boot camp brought together these innovators from over 15 countries for a peek into the Jerusalem startup ecosystem, which Time Magazine called “one of five great emerging cities [in the world] for tech startups.”

StartJLM 2018 participants are recognized for being chosen to represent their respective country during the conference. (Photo credit: Elad Brami)

It is almost impossible to choose one highlight from each action-packed day, which included meetings with prominent local tech leaders, site visits at leading companies (including a unicorn!) and exclusive networking meet-ups.

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In the meantime, here is a taste of StartJLM 2018!

Day 1

StartJLM was honored to host serial entrepreneur and bioengineer Prof. Yaakov “Koby” Nahmias. He provided practical advice from his own experience leading multiple companies from inception, through research and development, to bring a product to market.

“It was very impressive how [Nahmias] came from the field of science, became involved in the business side, and was able to bring products to market that solved real-time problems,” said CEO of Smart Research and StartJLM participant Marko Panic of Belgrade, Serbia.

Serial entrepreneur and bioengineer Prof. Yaakov “Koby” Nahmias meets with the StartJLM participants.

Nahmias also discussed why and how Jerusalem has become the epicenter of Israel’s booming life science innovation ecosystem. Nahmias pointed out that Jerusalem is an exciting place for entrepreneurs because of its unique environment for creators and innovators to connect and bring their world-changing ideas to fruition.

“In most places in the world, you have to borrow money from friends, family and angel investors. Essentially, you lose most of your company before you ever begin. In Jerusalem, you can go to an incubator and get up to half a million dollars, 80% of which is investment from the government and 15% private investment. Not only that, you have industrial and regulatory mentorship for two years.”

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Day 2

StartJLM participants had a fascinating time at the 3D Functional Printing Center with a tour of Hebrew University’s state-of-the-art 3D printing labs. Michael Layani, the center’s manager, explained to the participants how the lab successfully creates incredibly detailed 3D printed models with the newest technologies available, similar to the aeronautical and auto industries.

Layani stressed the endless potential 3D printing has in the life sciences sector. “About 10 years ago, if a surgeon wanted to take an x-ray and MRI and translate it into a printable file, he/she needed to exploit very complicated software. Today, we have a very simple user interface for that.”

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Day 3

We spent the morning at ALYN Innovation with CEO Danna Mann, who showed us around both the innovation space and ALYN Hospital, which is acknowledged worldwide as a premier hospital specializing in pediatric rehabilitation. ALYN’s reputation in diagnosing and rehabilitating infants, children, and adolescents with physical disabilities, both congenital and acquired, is meticulous.

The innovation space works with children who need personalized solutions and involves entrepreneurs and inventors to develop products that can benefit both the individual patient and a global audience.

Mann discussed some of the different projects ALYN Innovation is working on, including providing inexpensive and durable wheelchairs to the millions of children worldwide who do not have access to one, as well as developing facial recognition technology for babies with respiratory issues to find out when they are crying or upset.

“It’s very inspiring to see that no matter how hard it is if you can impact one life with innovation and technology, it’s worth it,” said Pluricell Biotech founder and #StartJLM participant Marcos Valdares of Portugal.

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Day In Tel Aviv

StartJLM participant Sana Alajmovic, Co-Founder & CEO of Sigrid Therapeutics, was invited to meet with Sweden’s Ambassador to Israel, Magnus Hellgren. They discussed the global impact of Sigrid’s life-saving technologies, as well as potential partnerships both in Israel and back home in Sweden.

“He is very interested in startups and has really great insight into the life sciences sector,” Alajmovic noted. “The embassy heard we were coming and reached out to see if we were looking for investment. After some preliminary discussions, they are setting up meetings with Israeli VC funds that invest in companies abroad.”

Day 4

The participants were treated to a closed-door meeting with the “Mt. Rushmore of Life Science Venture Capital” in Israel, with over $1 Billion in combined funds managed between them.

The panel was moderated by Tsipi Haitovsky, CEO & Co-Founder Orchot Consulting Ltd and was made up of Guy Spigelman, VP of Portfolio Success at aMoon Fund, Yossi Bahagon of OurCrowd and Founding Managing Partner of Qure, Dr. Irit Yaniv, General Partner at Accelmed and Roti Alon, Founder and CEO at MedStrads.

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Fun In Jerusalem

The participants also experienced the City of Jerusalem and the abundance it has to offer tourists in almost every aspect: diverse culture, right history, and vibrant night scene. Stay tuned for a closer look into how the StartJLM participants enjoyed their evenings in the City of Gold.

StartJLM Participants Enjoy The Nightlight At Mahane Yehuda Market (Photo Credit: Elad Brami)

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